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vasiliki lefkada 2
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Why choose Lefkada?

What is it that makes Lefkada so special to almost everybody who has visited it? And what is the reason why some tourists never want to come back to Lefkada? We will try to answer on these two questions in the following article and help you decide whether [Lefkada...

egremni beach lefkada
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Beautiful beaches on Lefkada

It is known that the eastern and western coast of Lefkada are completely different. All photos of breathtaking beaches are showing the ones on the west coast. These beaches are popular for their bright blue color of the sea, often milky-blue, they are simply fantastic and unreal. Arriving to the...

car rental lefkada
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Car rental on Lefkada

We believe that the best way to experience Lefkada is if you during your vacation have a car. If you come to Lefkada by organized transport and you still wish to visit the island, we advise you to consider renting a car. According to many, Lefkada is demanding in terms...

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Transportation on Lefkada

If you were in doubt about making a decision on whether to travel to Lefkada with your own car, and at the same time you want to hear our advice, we consider it to be one of the best options of transportation, both while on the island and for...

traditional festivals on lefkada 5
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Summer festivals in Lefkada

Every summer the island is a pole of attraction of any kind of artists like singers, musicians, dancers or even chefs of international reputation. So in case you are lucky enough to be on vacations in the island during a festival, don’t miss the chance to visit it. More...

plaze vasiliki lefkada (16)
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Beaches in Vassiliki town

Vasiliki is located on the south side of Lefkada and is about 40km from Lefkas. The place itself consists of three sections, central, with marina and promenade, settlements around Pondi Beach, on the way to Porto Katsiki and Egremni. The third part is the smallest and most peaceful, with...

apolpena lefkas lefkada (1)
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Apolpena Suburb

Suburb of Apolpena is located about 1km from the center of Lefkas on the way to Agios Nikitas and has a population of around 500 people. From the hill above Apolpena you can find the most beautiful view of Lefkas town. In the center of the village there is a...

dragano village lefkada 3
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Dragano - honey village on Lefkada

The traditional village Dragano is located 2km north from the village Athani (32km southwest from the capital city Lefkas). This small village preserves the spirit of the former Lefkada and represents a combination of the untouched nature and historical attractions. In the villages of Dragano and Atani, exceptional thyme honey...

athani village lefkada (6)
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Athani - mountain village with beautiful sea view

Athani is a small village built on a slope with a beautiful view at the Ionian sea and is still developing in a tourist sense. It is located 30km southwest from the capital city of Lefkas. This mountain village has about 200 permanent residents. First residents were Italians, and than...