Nidri is the best known tourist place on Lefkada, and it’s situated about 20km away from capital city Lefkas and pretty Vasiliki.

From the the beach in Nidri the view extends to the surrounding islands Heloni, Skorpios, Sparta, Skorpidi and Maduri. City beach in Nidri is narrow, gravelly and nicely decorated. Along the beach there are several taverns and bars, and deck chairs can be used with ordered drink. Water depth is gradual.

Nidri has the largest number of accommodation facilities in Lefkada. It’s the liveliest and the most popular place on the island and offers a maximum facilities for tourists - a lot of boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops, fast food shops and supermarkets, promenade along the sea and the coast, as well as plenty of fun for both adults and children. The main street is closed to traffic every night from 19:00 to 2:00, when the promenade is filled with tourists.

It’s located in the bay and leeward, so there’s a large part of the coast being used as port for many boats, giving Nidri a special charm.

4km away from Nidri there are famous waterfalls Dimosara (also called Vafkeri) and they can be reached on foot. They are located in a beautiful, green surroundings, so it’s nice to take a stroll up there. They are the most sumptuous in the spring and early summer, later on there’s less water, while at the end of the summer they are almost dried up.

Near the Nidri there are remains of a prehistoric settlement (from Bronze Age).

A kilometer away from Nidri there is a famous Perigiali, a hamlet built on a slope, where you can dine and enjoy the view of the Ionian Sea and surrounding islands.

As mentioned, the capital city Lefkas is only 20km away from Nidri. Lefkas is a great and beautiful city worth a visit, especially in the evening when the promenade, shopping street and the whole city are in all its glory.

Nidri is a good choice for those who want to spend summer vacation in a place without wind and waves, on the west coast with less curves. It’s located halfway between Vasiliki and Lefkas, that should be visited. The distinctive color of the sea and the most beautiful beaches are located in the west side of the island, while the east side is better as a base for the fans of static holiday.

The most beautiful beaches close to Nidri are:

From Nidri you can go on various excursions to neighboring islands and beaches. On the beach there are numerous agents who rent equipment for windsurfing, kayaks, canoes, small boats and pedal boats. By paddling you can visit islets Maduri, Skorpio and Meganisi. Lefkas Motorboat based in Nidri and the neighboring islet Meganisi rents small boats, boats and speedboats. Since Nidri is being global sailing destination, there are several Yachting-Sailing clubs that also rent vessels of various sizes and quality. If the weather is nice, with a motorboat or yacht you can visit the most of Lefkada (except a few places on the west side where the navigation is dangerous even for experienced captains), islets Skorpio, Maduri and Meganisi, as well as Ithaca and Kefalonia islands.

Fans of organized group tours can book a place at one of the ships that depart each day from Nidri to the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada (Egremni, Agiofili and Porto Katsiki) and to nine islands (Skorpios, Maduri, Meganisi, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kalamos, Kastos, Paxi, Antipaxi). The ships Makedonia Palace, Nidri Star, MS Christina, Ionion Princess, Dolphin and Ikaros Palace, take travelers daily (if weather and wind permit) on an unforgettable cruising around the Ionian islands. Vouchers for all-day cruise are sold in more than ten locations in Nidri.

Tourists that prefer to cruise on the road can use a variety of rent a car/bike agencies (we recommend Homers rent a car/bike), to rent a car, scooter or bicycle, and individually visit Lefkada.

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