Kanali beach is one of the longest beaches in Greece (about 13km) and it's located next to the city Kanali, in the middle of the bay, 10km away from Preveza.

Beach starts from the place Kastrosikia and ends at the town Mitikas. Due to its lenght, the beach has several names depending on the name of the city which are the closest to a particular part of the beach or it's named after the beach bars on the very beach, so there are Kanali, Monolithi, Kastrosikia, Mitikas ...

The beach is well-arranged, wide and sandy. There are umbrellas and sunbeds on it, that come with ordered drink. There is never a crowd because it's really impressive in length and width, there are showers, changing rooms, beach bars with toilets, enough space for parking. The beach is mostly sandy, but there are also parts with rocks in the water, and needs a little bit of walking along the beach until you find a place that suits you. There is more than enough space for the ones with their own equipment.

There are restaurants along the beach, and within the hotel Kanali there is a mini aqua park, which is a place where children could have fun. The park has several pools and water slides. It is ideal for younger children, a ticket costs 8e if you use slides and 5e if you use only the pools. With the ticket you get a discount of 30% for the next visit. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free. There are pools of 0.6m depth for small children, and ones from 1m to 2m. Park is visited by adults too.

Part of the same beach towards Preveza is called Monolithi. This part of the beach has 4-5 bars, where with drinks for a reasonable prices you get sunbeds and umbrellas to use. Since Monolithi beach is about 6km long, the bars are at on a larger distance one from another, therefore there is a lot of space to set up your own equipment. Many of the bars attract a younger population due to a loud music and lively atmosphere with well-known DJs. On the shore and in the water is the sand combined with pebbles and shallow is not long. In the afternoon, the waves are common.

The last part of the beach towards Preveza, below the town Mitikas is characteristic by a very thick forest of eucalyptus that is perfect for all lovers of natural shade. In this part you could enjoy the peace, in the shade, without the crowds and relax.

Immediately after the end of the long beach, there is a promontory above the which is the village Mitikas. Behind the promontory is a small beach Faros, with dark sand and high cliff above the beach. Very unusual and interesting beach.

From the beaches in the area of Kanali, perhaps you could visit the most beautiful sandy beach in the region Vrachos-Loutsa(20km), then also a sandy beach with a long shallow Ammoudia (35km) and fantastic wild bay with a natural shade Alonaki (30km).