Elani beach is located on the west coast of Kassandra, 12km from Kalithea and 3km from Siviri.

A large Elani Bay Resort is on this beautiful beach, occupying the most of with its deck chairs. Still, there is ample space for visitors with their own equipment and some shade. The sea is clear, the depth is gradual but without a long shallow, and the sand is not so fine.

The coast is adapted for disabled people, there are toilets and showers, and in the hinterland of the beach, you will find a cafe with a wonderful view and a restaurant.

The road to this beach is very interesting because it curves through a beautiful forest. The beach is bordered by rocks and very picturesque, with dense forest in the background.

There’s no crowd not even in August.

Parking is close to the beach, it’s not big, but except in the rush hour, there is usually space for all visitors.

Elani Beach is one of our favourites on Kassandra.