Kallithea is only 90km away from Thessaloniki and 50km from the administrative center Polygyros. It is a very nice place on the hill from where there is a fantastic view of the turquoise sea. The name Kalithee itself means "good view". Kallithea is a small place with about 500 settlers in the winter. 

It is a very attractive town on Halkidiki (the peninsula Kassandra) which every year attracts a lot of tourists. It is surrouded by the woods and green scenery, and its most beautiful asset is the wonderful turquoise sea and the beach with the fine sand suitable for families with small children. The town itself has got a great number of cafes and bars and so it is attractive for a younger population. 

Several gorcery stores are sufficient for supplying, and there are also pastry shops, taverns, fast-food  restaurants…You can try great ice-cream in the pastry shop Fregio.

The town there are a few pebbled streets which represent the pedestrian zone, and they are full of the shops with souvenirs, clothes and different little things.

Considering the fact that the place is on the hill  beside the main road, you get to the beach down the hill which one  you must bear in mind when choosing a summer destination. If the chosen accomodation place is not on the very beach, you can walk to the beach (up and down the hill) or get there by car. Kalithea is an excellent base for touring the both sides of the finger, and so in the nearby surrounding are Siviri, Polihrono, Hanioti and other attractive places on Kasandra.