Nea Moudania is a picturesque town about 55km from Thessaloniki and the cultural, financial and commercial centre of the Halkidiki region (Kassandra peninsula). It has about 10000 inhabitants, a marina, long sandy beach, a large number of cafes and restaurants, landscaped parks, paved promenade and various shops.

Nea Moudania is one of the largest and most developed cities in Halkidiki. It’s in an attractive location, close to Thessaloniki (ideal for shopping and sightseeing) and not far from the Cosmos shopping centre, Waterland aqua park, Ikea and Mega outlet. On the other hand, it’s an ideal base for visiting Kassandra and Sithonia, and in addition, it’s one of the closest resorts to Serbia.

Nea Moudania provides everything you need for a complete summer vacation for families with children and young people.

The beach is 800m from the city center. A few kilometers long and mostly sandy, with crystal clear water and long shallows, arranged, with lots of sunbeds and umbrellas (to be used free of charge if you buy a drink), with showers and changing rooms. Sand is on the coast and in the water, so it suits everyone, especially children. Of course, there are rocky parts with a natural shade a bit further from the center of Nea Moudania.

On the seaside, you will find plenty of cafes with beautiful gardens by the sea and taverns, as well as a large number of benches along the long, well-kept and paved promenade.

We noticed that the prices in taverns and restaurants are much lower than in Sithonia, so in Moudania you can dine (the portions are large and the prices are affordable) at the restaurant Tools & Pipers at the end of the promenade or in the Monopati tavern, also near the promenade and the shore. You should check the pastry shop Fregio on the promenade, and taste one of the best ice creams in northern Greece.

Lidl is located at the entrance to Nea Moudania, supermarkets Masoutis and Arvanitidis are downtown, and every Wednesday there’s an open market with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a wardrobe at affordable prices.

If you’d like to spend the summer in a city with a beautiful beach and opportunities for a meaningful holiday, Nea Moudania might be a good choice. Nearby, you can visit various tourist attractions and historical sites, as well as to explore beautiful bays and beaches.

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