Nea Moudania is 55km away from Thessaloniki and represents cultural, financial and commerce center of the  region Halkidiki (the peninisula Kasandra). It is a lively town of 10 thousand citizens, with a marine, a long, sandy beach, a great number of cafes and restaurants, well-arranged parks, a pebbled promenade, a great number of stores. The location of  Nea Moudania is very attractive because it is nearby Thessaloniki which is ideal for shopping and touring, it is nearby the  shopping center Cosmos, the aqua park WaterLand, Ikee, Mega outleta, and on the other side ideal for touring Kasandra and Sitonia.

Besides, it is one of the nearest resorts to Serbia. 

Nea Moudania as an urban place with a great beach a little away from the center provides everything that is needed for a complete resort with a lot of contents both for children and the young. 

800m away from the mere center of the town is the many km long beach, mostly sandy with the crystal clear water and a long shoal, has got a great number of deck-chairs and parasols which are given with an ordered drink, with baths and cabins for changing.

The sand is one the beach and in the water and it is ideal for the youngest. There are rocky regions with the natural shade which are a little more distant than Nea Moudania. 

In the town on the beach there is a great number of well-arranged cafes with beautiful gardens just by the sea, great taverns, a great number of benches along the long, nice and pebbled promenade. We recommend taverna Alati&Piperi and Monopati (large portion and afordable prices), and sweet shop Fregio at promenade.

At the entrance of the town is a great supermarket Lidl, and in the town there are also Masoutis, Arvanitidis, as well as the market with fresh fish, but also affordable clothes and so it is easy get new supplies.

I fyou want to spend the holiday in the town that has got a nice beach, but also a lor of opportunities for a vacation full of contents.

Nearby the town there are other touristic attractions as well as historical landmarks which can be seen, and wonderful coves and beaches that you can explore.