Nea Moudania with its kilometers long beach, is located at the very end, or the beginning of Halkidiki. The beach is beautiful, mostly sandy, with coarse sand and shoal, and a bit of natural shade in some parts.

Shortly before Nea Potidea, on the right side of the highway, before the canal and the bridge, there are several luxury hotels (Pomegranate and Portes) with beautiful beaches, open for all visitors. On the other side there’s also a gentle coastline and a beach with turquoise sea and few good beach bars.

From Nea Moudania, to Nea Plagia, a long and mostly sandy beach stretches for kilometers. One part of this beach is called Dionisiou and this part is considered the most beautiful. This coast is mostly sandy, with a gradual depth and plenty of space for all visitors, thus usually it is not crowded. Nea Plagia and Nea Flogita are connected along the coast, as well as by a long and very wide sandy beach, perfect for families with children. This whole coastline is very popular among Thessalonians, while in recent years tourism for foreign visitors is in expansion.