Desimi beach is only 6km from Nidri, 18km from Vasiliki and 20km from Lefkas. The beach is located at the beginning of the peninsula near Nidri, near the place Vlicho. The beach has easy access and is convenient for days when you do not want to drive to beaches in the west of the island that are to hard to reach.

On the beach there are two camps Desimi and Santa Mavra, two taverns, one of which is within the hotel and canteen. You can park your car on private parking of the Pirofani tavern if you are their guest or free in the olive groves by the beach.

The beach is in the bay, protected from wind and waves with emerald green color due to the greenery in the backside. There is usually no crowd on the beach, but in the middle of the season you have to come early to find a natural shade for yourself. Both on the coast and in the sea is a pebble. The depth is gradual, so the beach is suitable for children if stones don't bother them. There are no showers on the beach, and the toilette only has a tavern. The beach is not organized so you should bring your equipment with you.

At Desimi you can rent boats, pedal boats or kayaks, and explore a little bit of the environment that is full of wild bays and caves. Desimi beach does not have the turquoise color of which the beaches are known on the west coast, but it has several advantages: first of all, easy access, lots of natural shade, no crowd, emerald sea and green surroundings rest eyes and body, always peaceful sea, so we are sure that exactly this beach can be the perfect corner on Lefkada.

See also the video clip from this beach on our Youtube channel.