The big city beach in Nea Iraklitsa is about 2km long and stretches along the entire bay. It offers visitors privacy because there is no big crowd. There are lots of cafes on the beach where umbrellas and sunbeds can be used with an ordered drink, but there are also enough free space for you to put your own towel.

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for 10 years now. It is sandy, clean and calm, without waves. The entrance to the water is gradual, so there is shorter shallow water. There is also a part of the beach where, in addition to sand, at the entrance to the water, you can find small pebbles and rocks, but most of the beach certainly has a nice and accessible entrance.
Near the beach there are well-kept parks with playgrounds, swings and slides, which are ideal for children. A sailing club and several sports fields, for beach voleyball, are also available. All the beaches around Nea Iraklitse are sandy. In the background is a hill where sun goes down early, but you can still enjoy yourself.
This place is one of the few places in Greece on whose city beach we saw a ramp so that people with disabilities, that is, those in wheelchairs, could easily enter the water.

The smaller Remvi beach is located on the other side of the cape is 350m long and not too wide. Initially, there are a couple of lounge cafes, followed by a part where visitors can place their own towels. The water is clean, but there are also some urchins in it.
From the port, along the part of the big city beach there is a promenade with many cafes and restaurants.

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