Pefkoulia is located about 10 km away from the capital city Lefkas, between the places called Tsoukalades (3km) and Agios Nikitas (1,5km). The road to the beach is good, with a few curves just before the beach. When arriving to the beach you will see several beautiful spots with a fantastic view towards the beach, the sea, Agios Nikitas and the mountains. About 50 m away from the beach, nearby the highway, there is a lot of free of charge parking space. There is also parking in front of the bar at the beach, but parking is not large so if you come late you will probably not find space here.

Arriving to the beach you will come across a bar with sunbeds and parasols, restrooms and showers. The bar also has a swimming pool, so if you are their guest, you can swim there, and in addition to drinks, you can also find some food.
However, you will find the more beautiful part of the beach by passing through the bar and continuing to walk on the right by the coast, behind the rocks. The sand is finer and the water is clearer there. This part of the beach is suitable for children, but it’s not organized so you should bring your own equipment (towels and parasols) with you.
Pefkoulia is also known for its wild campers who set up their tents in the shade of pine trees in the hinterland of the beach. And this right whole is also known as nudist.

The part of the beach that’s in front of the bar has rocks and stones in the water. Maybe that is the reason why this beach is less visited compared to the others on the west coast, but the color of the sea is fantastic here too. Due to a rising rock above the beach, the view of the beach from the water is very interesting. The beach also has a nudist part.

On Pefkoulia beach you can enjoy watching beautiful sunsets and having dinner at a tavern.

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