Talgo beach is located 3.5 km south from Ormos Panagias (on the way to Vourvourou). It is well marked so there is no chance you will miss it. You turn left when you get to the board with the sign Talgo (it will stand on the left side of the main road), after which you continiue on the dusty road for the next 400 m and you will get to the beach.

Largest part of the beach belongs to the beach bar in front of which is a big number of sunbeds and umbrellas. For the first two rows of sunbeds next to the sea you have to make the bill for at least 10 euros per person. For all the other rows the minimum amount is 5 euros. It is forbidden to bring your own food, beverage and water, because you can buy all of that in the beach bar for the prices slightly higher than in other, less popular, bars in Sitonia.

Talgo beach is popular among young people because of its organized parties and loud music, which can often bother people who prefer more peaceful beaches. It is often necessary to reserve sunbeds and umbrellas in advance. The biggest crowd is on weekends, when we don’trecommend you go visiting this beach.

Right from the beach bar is a place for all the visitors who have their own equipment (umbrellas, towels, chairs, etc.).
The sea is very stillin this baywhich is well protected from the wind, so the water is clean and clear. Shallow water goes for around 30 m so it’s adequate for children too. When you get into the sea, after one or two meters you will get to a rocky part, shortly after which there will be sand again.

If you don’t enjoy crowded beaches with loud music and expensive prices, we recommend you don’t put Talgo beach, more specifically Talgo beach bar, on your vacation “to do list”. There are a lot of beaches on the island as beautiful as this one, with more affordable prices. But if you still want to visit this beach and enjoy its beauty, head straight to the right part, put your towel and umbrella and embrace what Talgo has to offer.

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