Afteli beach is one of the pearls of the east coast of Lefkada. It is located 18km from Nidri, 34km from Lefkas and 11km from Vasiliki. There are 4km from the main road to the beach, which could seem 10km, because of the narrow road and curves and necessary slow driving.

We could say that this beach has the worst road, especially because in few places it is so narrow that it is impossible to bypass. It is necessary to drive very slowly because it has curves. But at the end of the road your reward, in the form of very pretty little bays with emerald, green sea, is waiting for you. Small bay is very picturesque with beautiful color, green surroundings and anchored boats. Along the beach there are several parking places, but in order to take a free one, you should visit the beach before 10am, otherwise you can park your car along the way.

The beach is pebbly like other beaches in Lefkada. It is excellent for diving because of the surrounding rocks and rich underwater world. There is a cafe bar on the beach that offers drinks and snacks, as well as showers and sunbeds. There is a little space for one’s equipment, and the number of sunbeds is limited, so it is advised to visit the beach in the early hours.

If you like small bays, natural environment, less popular beaches without fancy content, you will like the Afteli beach very much.

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