Armenistis beach is more or less halfway between Sarti and Vourvourou. Since it is so deservedly the owner of the Blue Flag, its perfection will take your breath away.
Its length of almost 1km and a rough semi-circle shape, being broad enough like a football playground, having the fine sand both in the water and on the shore and the pine trees in the background make it a true representative of the Mediterranean beach. The bonus is wonderful and there is a direct view of Athos…

Armenistis has a well-arranged camp with all the following facilities, and the beach itself is organized at a very high level. In 2023 high season, entry to the camp costs 6€ for adults and 3.5€ for children, and for that money, you don’t get a sunbed or an umbrella, you just pay for entry to the beach. If you want, you can pay 7.50€ for an adult and 4.50€ for a child, and one drink (coffee or juice) is included in that price. In the low season, after September 10th, entry to the camp costs 4€ for adults and 2.50€ for children, and if you want a ticket that includes one drink, you will need to pay 5.50€ for an adult and 3.50€ for a child. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented at the beach bar, during the season, for the first three rows, for 20€ for a set of two sunbeds with an umbrella, each additional sunbed is 10€, or 12€ for a set in the other rows, and 6€ for an additional sunbed, while in the low season a set of two sunbeds with a umbrella is 12€ and each additional sunbed is 6€.If you visit the beach for less than 2 hours, you do not have to buy a ticket. Since the experiences of the visitors of this beach are versatile and you can enter this beach without paying, we got the impression that there is no strict rule. If you want a completely free entrance, you can walk some 500m and more and reach the northern part of the beach where there is no ramp nor gate and choose your place.

The camp itself is excellently arranged

To its visitors it offers a mini-market, several coffee shops and restaurants, a kiosk with fast food, even a store with beach equipment. All the facilities are set in the deep shade and greenness. On the very beach there are organized water sports, sand volleyball court, medical assistance if necessary, a bar with great music sunbeds and parasols. The beach has got several showers, cabins for changing and toilets. The northern part (on the right hand side) is available for all those who have their own equipment. Even at the peak of the season you do not get the impression that the beach is crowded as it is very spacious, wide and long. The water is always clean and turquoise. In some parts of the beach there is a shoal for children, and in some parts you reach the depth more quickly.

At the entrance of the camp there is a smaller parking lot which is unfortunately not big enough for all the visitors’ cars, and so there is a few kilometers long row of parked cars along the main road.

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