Aretes beach is situated 13 km south from Neos Marmaras. It is well marked and the turn for the beach from the main road is approximately 5 km before Toroni. From there you have to go on for another 500 m, on the partly dusty partly paved road.

Aretes actually consists of three beaches. The largest one is the southernest one and the most well-known. This is 400 m long sandy beach, suitable for children.
On the beach is located Hotel Aretes, as well as semiprivate resort built in cycladic style. Within the hotel, on the beach, there is a restaurant with affordable prices and nice atmosphere. Hotel is located in the south part of the beach, where you can find some natural shade. However, more attractive is the northern part of the beach which is wider, has long shallow water, golden sand and turquoisecolored sea. There is also a cute bar with quiet music and a lot of space for placing your equipment and resting.

North from the biggest beach, there are two more bays. One beach is made of rocks and the other is sandy with turquoise water, also not crowded if you want to spend some alone time.

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