Bahia is a small bay that belongs to the beach Zografou, but it got its name from the bar that is situated on the beach.
Bahia is situated 9 km south from Vourvouru.

How to reach it?

There is a sign saying Zografou and Bahia beach on the main road where you have to make the turn.
Soon after making the turn you will get to the ramp and the entrance to the camp Porto Elea. Here you will go right and continue on that dusty and curvy road for the next 2 km.
Just before you get to the beach you will see a lot of parked cars, even though the parking exists right next to the beach, but because of Bahia’s popularity it is often full.

The beach is small and completely covered with umbrellas and sunbeds, which leaves very little space for visitors with their own equipment, but of course you can always find room.
The beach is very interesting and exotic, because it is surrounded with high rocks so it looks secluded and protected. Bahia bar is big and well arranged with lots of chairs, bar tables, etc. Sunbeds and umbrellas are put very close together but there are also baldachins and sofas for your enjoyment. This beach attracts a lot of young people with its organized parties and loud music in the high season.

Small pebbles are on the beach and in the sea. The depth is gradually increasing, and there is no shallow water, therefore we don’t recommend this beach to families with small children. Also, if you don’t like too much crowd, you should stay away from this beach during weekends.

Sea in this area, which is pretty much wild and not exploited, is really rich with sea life, so if you are a fan of snorkeling and diving, Bahia beach could be the right place for you. Unlike other well-known places in Sitonia with turquoise water, Bahia has emerald green shade made by the vegetation in the back, which gives her adistinguish look. In the afternoon you can find a lot of places with natural shade. Bahia’s beauty is complemented with small bays nearby to which u can easily get to by swimming.
On the beach there are showers and toilets.

All in all this is one unusual and interesting beach which we absolutely recommend.

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