South of Sithonia is a treasure trove of beautiful beaches. Many of them are not so well known.

The place Sykia is the only one large city in the south of Sithonia

and in recent years has been increasingly popular. In Sykia there are more favorably accommodations than in other cities. Near Sykia are some of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia and in the whole Halkidiki.

Sykia beach has a long (1,5km) wide and sandy beach which is the holder of the Blue Flag. This beach has very fine sand on the shore and in the water, and has a shallow part for children. Along the beach there is plenty of space for parking, and the beach is never crowded. here is only one small part of the Paradise beach that is arranged, everything else is available for the guests with their own equipment.

On the western side of Sykia, on a walking distance of town and the main beach, the following beaches are alternating: Linaraki, Limanaki-Pigadaki and Tourkolimnionas. Tourkolimnionas is the best among them, always in a leeward, with a magnificent sea and fine sand.

At the extension is Klimataria beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the whole Sithonia. Klimataria is only 3,5km away from Sykia and it’s perfect for families with children because of the very fine sand and shallow water.

About 4,5km away is the beach Tigania reminiscent of the exotic beaches.

About 6km from Sykia is another pearl of Sithonia, Kriaritsi beach in one of three bays. Beach without the crowd, with no shallow part, for swimmers and those who prefer to be alone.

Seven kilometers of highway driving from Sykia beach takes you to one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Greece - Kalamitsi. Beautiful sea and sand, gradual depth, beautiful colour of the sea… Along the beach Kalamitsi there is another cove that is visited by nudists and one within the camp Thallata. Both are very beautiful.

The small fishing town Porto Koufo is situated 16km from Sykia and there you can try seafood at the well-known fish taverns. We recommend Tzitzikas.

From Sykia to Toroni and its nearby beaches separates you about 20km so you can enjoy the beaches Tristinika, Destenika, Aretes, but also the local beach in Toroni, which is also beautiful and it is the holder of the Blue Flag.

One of the greatest advantages of Sykia its location from Sarti which is only 6km away. On this route you can also visit several beautiful beaches. The first two can be reached by foot, and these are Griavas and Valti. By a car, driving by a dirty road, you can reach the most beautiful bay Agridia. Before the entrance to Sarti is located Goa, famous for its night parties, and during the day by a calm atmosphere and light music. And of course Sarti is there for evening or day walks, full of amenities and attractions for tourists.

Platanitsi is situated 9km from Sykia. It is a beach that belongs to the camp and it is very beautiful and famous for coffee bar which is popular among young people.

From the Orange Beach, the most famous beach in Halkidiki, Sykia is 12km away, and the beach which also should not be missed, Mega Portokali is 12,5km away. From Paradiso or Duka’s beach is 13,5km away.

On the stretch between the Orange beach and the city Vourvourou there are numerous beaches that are less known but very beautiful, so we recommend you to explore them by yourself if you have time and will. We recommend the beach Armenistis, Oneirou (Manasu), Rodia, Bahia, Zografou

Exploring east coast and mentioned beaches, you are coming to town Vourvourou and the beach Fava. It is located 33km from Sykia. Still wild and less known, without shallow part and with a beautiful sea. A kilometer away, and 34km from Sykia is the famous Karidi beach, one of the most beautiful on Sithonia. It is one of the beaches that are a must visit because of the fine sand, shade, shallow part, beautiful and calm sea…

If you do not mind a long drive, you can extend further to the town of Ormos Panagias and before Ormos you will come across to the one of the most beautiful beaches on Sithonia, Lagonissi beach. It is located 39km from Sykia, and if you go straight you will come across to another jewel of Sithonia and beach Trani Ammouda (Livrochio) which is situated 42km from Sykia.

Visiting all the mentioned beaches is not easy during a single summer, but if you want,

we could make a shortlist of them and that would be the beaches:

Tourkolimnionas, Klimataria, Tigania, Kriaritsi and Kalamitsi on the west, and Agridia, Orange, Mega Oranges, Karidi, Lagonissi and Trani Ammouda on the east coast.

In any case, Sykia is an excellent starting point for visiting beautiful beaches of Sithonia and if you do not mind for the city without, certainly, any content, Sykia is the right choice.

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