It is located 8 km south from Vourvourou. This beach belongs to the camp so you have to buy ticket to get in.

It is located 400 m from the main road.
You can get to this beach by taking the path through the camp, which goes through beautiful forest and shade.
Beach by itself is made of pebbles, but in the water there are rocks in the north and sand in the south.
The sea is very clean, with green color because of the vegetation in the back.

On the beach there are a lot of attractions for the tourists and visitors, such as water sports, beach volleyball court, beach bar, toilets, showers, restaurant and mini-market.
Considering that this is a closed beach, there is not a lot of crowd even in the high season, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet. If you ask us this is its only advantage. On Sitonia there are far more beautiful beaches that you can use for free, so there is no need for paying to visit Lacara.

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