Where is Kalamici beach located?

Kalamitsi is a beach on the very south of Sitonia. One of the nearest places are Toroni, Sarti and Sykia, but Kalamitsi is also a small village beside this beach, so you can find here accommodation as well as restaurants, bars, market, and you can also rent a boat there and visit the surrounding beaches…

What is Kalamitsi beach like? Is it suitable for children?

With it’s semi-circle shape and a warm atmosphere, Kalamitsi is one of the best beaches on Sithonia, but also in the whole northern Greece. The fine sand makes this beach very comfortable both for bare feet and lying on your own towels.
The sea is crystal clear, green-blue, calm… the shoal is gradual and all of this makes Kalimitsi perfect for small children. The beach is well arranged, and there are plenty of beach bars where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as some refreshing drink or ice cream. The prices of one set are in range from €5-10 plus drinks, so it is best to check the payment conditions before you sit down, as they differ from bar to bar.

The fans of scuba-diving will especially love this beach because nearby are some of the best underwater locations as well as a few scuba-diving clubs where you could take up a speedy course and become part of some organized underwater adventures.

There is no organized parking place, but along the road next to the beach there is parking space for the most visitors. However, in high season, from the middle of July until the middle or the end of August, it is better to come early, by 10AM in order to find a parking place.

On Kalamitsi beach often blows a pleasant breeze, that could be very refreshing in hot summer days.

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