Thassos is known as the green island or floating forest. Until 30 years ago, before the fire, the most of the island was covered with pine woods. The situation changed after that, but the island has remained green.

The northeastern part of the island has the most greenery. Although many beaches have big pine forests in their rears, only a few have natural shade on the actual sand.

The most famous beach with natural shade is definitely Pachis beach. This beach is located in the northern part of the island, 8 km away from the capital Limenas. It’s sandy with a long shoal, a paradise for families with small children and for those who enjoy lying down and reading books in the shade.

The coast from Limenas to the west of the island has many beautiful beaches and most of them offer natural shade. These are Agios Vasilios (Vournelis), Tarsanas, La Scala, Papalimani, Nisteri. Skala Rachoni also has a long, sandy beach with natural shade. There’s also Ariba beach, one of our favorites, and Papu beach also near Skala Rachoni.

In the western part, the beach in Dasillio (Skala Prinos) is the only one which has natural shade, but not along its whole length. In the rear of the whole beach there are pine trees, and only in one part (before the camp) there’s shade on the beach itself (in front of Hotel Artemis).

The local beaches in Skala Potamia, Limenas and Golden Beach also have some natural shade, as well as some parts of the long coastline in Kinira and Roso Gremos beach.

According to many, the most beautiful beach with natural shade is a small bay called Glyfoneri, located just before Pachis when coming from Limenas. It’s a beautiful, sandy bay with pines that completely protect it from the sun. Out of all the beaches with natural shade, this one is our personal favorite.

Vathi beach is a hidden gem of Thassos and it’s entirety is in the shade during afternoon hours.

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