Valti is located north from the big Sykia beach, right after Griavas beach.
This is a 500 m long sandy beach. It is protected from the wind and it offers enjoyment without the crowd. In the central part of the beach there are a couple of bars and restaurants with sunbeds, but the largest space on the beach is available to visitors with their equipment.
If you decide to sit in one of the bars, it is enough to order a drink and you can use the sunbed and umbrella all day.

Valti beach is the perfect choice for all those who are not fans of commercial beaches, but rather beautiful and quiet coves without crowds even in the height of the season. The beach is quite quiet because there are no facilities, so everyone who comes there enjoys swimming and the sounds of the sea, because the music from the bars is almost inaudible. There is also a campsite on the beach, and you can use the toilets and showers in the aforementioned establishments. There is no natural shade or store, so if you are coming for the whole day, equip yourself with all the necessary things for a day trip.

The road to the beach is good and asphalted, parking is along the road and there is enough of it, and if you arrive on time you will be able to find a place in the shade.

Sykia beach is very close, if you want to go to a restaurant during the day. Also, close by is the Limanaki beach, with its famous restaurants.

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