Kinira is a small place that in recent years is experiencing a tourist boom. The name Kinira refers to a small island opposite of Paradise beach, but the coast has the same name. The place has several excellent restaurants, a pizzeria and a supermarket where, besides the usual stuff, you can buy bread and rolls. If you would like to purchase more, you can go to Skala Potamia that Kinira is only 10 kilometers away.

Kinira has no promenade or squares that are interesting for tourists. So this is not a typical tourist place, but this is an area covered with forest, which exudes the scent of conifers and the sea, with a decent and very clean beach. It is ideal for a vacation or as a base for touring the island. In fact, in the immediate vicinity are some of the most beautiful beaches, among others Golden beach and Paradise beach.

Beach Kinira starts from Paradise beach and extends towards Skala Panagia, a distance of several kilometers. It has a narrow strip of sand and pebbles on the shore. The first few meters in the water are rocks, followed by an area of sandy bottom. There are also only sand parts with long shallow and crystal clear water. Generally not organized and has no sunbeds and umbrellas, except for the parts that belong to one of the many hotels and their coffee bars. Visitors are mostly guest in Kinira properties. The beach is not crowded, even in peak season.
As the beach is almost wild, you won’t find any facilities on it, including showers, cabins, and toilets.

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