On this island, there are many springs of fresh water. Most of them are in the village of Panagia, but almost every village has at least one spring. It is not usual for other islands in Greece.

Springs of mountain water in Panagia, in the shade of plane trees, is one of the places that adorn Panagia. Water comes from the heart of the mountains and it drinkable and frigid.

On the beach, Aphrodite under the monastery of St. Archangel Michail down the rocks flows fresh water. You can “take a shower” with it and immediately after entering the sea which will look like a bath in a hot tub.

On Thassos island, you can usually see the pine trees and low vegetation in the areas affected by the fire. When you go to the Maries village, as real refreshment, beside the endless olive groves, you will see deciduous trees, willow and oak.

How to get to Lake Marijes?

You can get to the Maries village if you go inland from Limenaria center. From the central intersection head towards Kastro. Another option is to start from the Skala Maries and drive for 12km to the Maries, and then another 3-4km to the lake. Road to the Maries is a real pleasure. You can make some stops so you’ll pass by the monastery of Panagia, then to the church at the entrance to a village, you can take a walk through the village.

When you approach the lake, first you will see vendors of honey by the road. You can try and buy here a really good honey and delicious product of honey, such as famous honey with walnuts, zucchini, watermelon. Here you can buy local olives and olive oil. Olive oil is more expensive than in the city.

Waterfalls by the lake

There are a total of 12 waterfalls below and above the lake. More interesting and accessible waterfalls are above the lake. It takes a little hiking and adventurous spirit to climb up to them, but it’s worth it. Stream itself is clear with lots of fish. The recommendation is to put on your shoes and climb to the third waterfall. You will not resist wading into the cold and clear water, and you can take a swim as well, it feels great.

If you decide to visit this lake have in mind that the road from the village of Maries to the lake is a dusty road and that the first thing you need to do, after returning from the trip, will be washing your car.

We have to mention that the lake is almost dry from July to the end of the season, so you should not waste your day going to it.

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