Besides swimming and sunbathing Thassos can offer a lot of fun, not only during summer but throughout the year.

Water sports are the most popular activities and entertainment during the summer. There is some kind of water sport on all major beaches like Skala Panagia (Golden Beach), Limenas and Pachis in the north, and Psili Ammos, Rosso Gremos, in Pefkari and Limenaria in the south of the island. The most popular are sailing, surfing, parasailing, kayaking. If you want you can rent a motorboat, paddleboat or jet ski and visit some beaches in an interesting way. If you want a little adrenaline with your friends then you can try ringo, banana, flying banana or parasailing with one more person as a pair. Prices per person range from 6e for ringo to 45e for the parasailing.

Fishing is one of the main activities of the population on the island as well as many tourists. We have already written about it, so if you want more details, click here.

On Thassos island, there are organized tours and we have also written about them here. If you want to explore the island from the sea, it is best to pay a one-day cruise during which you will visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, swim in the wild coves that can be reached only by boat, view the beaches from a different perspective, but also enjoy excellent food prepared on board and the Greek traditional music and interesting crew.
In addition to the cruise, you can go to the Greek night that is organized in Theologos where you can experience Greek traditional music and folk dancing or try a variety of dishes from the local cuisine and excellent homemade wine. During this fun evening, you can dance alone on the dance floor or with other guests and members of the folklore.

If you like diving or want to learn, this island provides this opportunity too. With experienced divers, you can learn in half an hour the basics of diving and then go with the instructors in your first diving adventure. Diving centers exist in Potos, Pefkari, in Skala Prinos and in Limenas.

Cycling and mountain biking are very popular on Thassos island throughout the year. Twice a year are organized international competitions in cycling. Paths that lead through a very interesting mountain landscape on this island are also appealing to all adventurers, and the main road around Thassos is full of great curves, of ascent and descent and is ideal for a relaxing and safe driving.

If you like hiking and trekking Thassos is a paradise for you. Paths for trekking to cross in all directions and go through very picturesque scenery. Thassos is very rich in a variety of flora and fauna and is also known for the fact that you can spot here rare birds such as white-tailed eagles, hawks, rare species of owls. The road to the highest point of Thassos, Ipsarion (1204) is very scenic and exciting, and the view from the top will leave you breathless.

If you want to explore the secluded parts of Thassos but you are not in good condition then you can go on the off-road adventure. Throughout Thassos, you can rent a modern and reliable 4x4 jeeps or pay a popular excursion jeep safari through local agencies. Jeep Safari is a full-day tour that includes visits to the other hardly accessible natural beauty of the island (Ipsarion, Giola, Marble beach), grilling and socializing.

For horse lovers and those who want to learn to ride there is horseback riding in Skala Prinos. Experience in every case differently because you will have the opportunity to ride a horse or pony along the beautiful beach or mountain trails through the woods. If you prefer to ride a chariot, that can also be rented in Limenas and Skala Potamia. Carriages can be rented for special events (weddings), but also just for the fun of yourself and your family and friends. You can visit the villages with small tourist trains that are still the most enjoyable and safest option. They operate in Limenas, but also in Skala Potamia and Panagia and drive up to the mountain village of Panagia and Potamia.

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