There are a large number of beautiful beaches in the vicinity of the Olympics.
There are big and small, wild and organized, so if you have an adventurous spirit, you can explore and find beautiful coves that are more difficult to access and without many visitors.
Of all the beaches, Proti Amudia, better known as Ammos beach (formerly Cuba), Babylon and Balkonaki stand out for their beauty.

Proti Amoudia (Ammos) beach

is the first beach when you head towards Ierissos from Olympia. It is wide, with light sand and turquoise sea. There is sand on the shore, as well as in the water, and the depth is gradual, without a particularly long shallow, but quite enough for small children. On the beach there is a very popular and well-decorated Cuba bar, which occupies the largest part of the beach. Daily parties are often organized in the bar, so the music is quite loud, and if you are not a fan of that, then it is better not to sit in the bar, but to go to the far right part of the beach facing the sea. There are of course deckchairs and umbrellas in the bar, which are provided with the ordered drink, while the booths where more people can sit, as well as the canopies, are paid for additionally, and it is best to ask for the price first. On both sides of the bar there is enough space for visitors with their own equipment, but the right side facing the sea is larger and there is natural shade along the beach.
There is a car park down by the beach itself and it is partially shaded, but the descent down to the bottom is not the best, especially if you come with a small car. As there certainly isn’t enough space for all visitors, it’s best to be early if you want to stop here. There is also a parking lot up by the highway, so no worries, you can park there as well.
Since the beach is organized, there are toilets, showers and cabins near the beach bar.
You can watch a video from this beach on our YouTube channel.

After Proti Amudia beach, there is Zugla, a small beach, which is covered with umbrellas and sunbeds. This beach is beautiful and the sea is clean with fine sand and gradual depth.


is perhaps the most beautiful beach in this area and a real paradise for lovers of clear sea. It is long and mostly available to visitors with their own equipment, although there is also a beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas. There is a parking area next to the beach, as well as a natural shade where campers are usually located. The beach has fine sand, a long shallow and very clear and transparent water, and you can see shells in large numbers on the seabed. There are also interesting rocks at the end of the beach.
The beach is usually not very crowded, since most people sit on the lounge chairs of the bar, so if you decide to skip it, you will have enough space to yourself on the beach. In the part where there is a bar, the music is louder and it is very noisy, so if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, we suggest that you station yourself in the left part of the beach, looking at the sea.
You can park your car below, along the entire beach, and there is plenty of space. If it happens that it is all filled, you can stand up along the highway.


One of the less mentioned beaches, which left a good impression on us, is the beach in front of the Balkonaki tavern. It is somewhat reminiscent of Babylon, it is uncrowded and has a clear sea. The tavern is also in a very pleasant environment with plenty of shade. On the other side of this beach is the Totos bar, in front of which there are some more stones in the water.
Between the two bars, which are at the two ends of the beach, is a free area where you can place your umbrella and sunbeds. If you decide to sit in one of the two bars, you can use one set with the ordered drink, and the prices of the drinks are very similar in both bars. When we were there, the music was a little louder in Toto bar than in Balkonaki.
The beach is sandy, combined with pebbles, the water is turquoise and clean, and the depth moves relatively quickly. In some parts, there are rocks in the water, so before you go to the beach, look at the bottom.
You can park your car down by the beach, in a partially shaded parking lot, but the descent is not the best. It is macadam all the way down, it is not a long section, but if it has rained in the previous days, there are a lot of holes. If you don’t like going down, you can park up on the highway and walk down to the beach.
On the beach you can find toilets, showers and cabins, which are located near the bars.

You can watch a video from this beach on our YouTube channel HERE.

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