Afytos has three beaches but, the central one is purely rocky, with sharp surfaced stone slabs in the water.

To the right from Afytos there lies Lios beach, named after the eponymous bar. It' very long, mainly narrow on the coast, but it is not crowded. The entry into the water is gradual, with rocky plates at the bottom mostly. However, anyone can find an appropriate place for themselves on this beach. It's arranged, with bars, sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as plenty of space for visitors with their own equipment. Some parts of this beach are sandy.

The only entirely sandy part of the beach in Afitos is on the far left side facing the sea. It's the beach called Varkes (boats). It's located in a lee, where the sea is always calm, so there are plenty of tied boats (after which the beach was named). Varkes is very beautiful beach with gradual depth. The sea is clean and one part of the beach is free of charge, while the other is arranged, with umbrellas and sunbeds. It's sandy both on the shore and in the water, so it is suitable for families with children. The only disadvantage is that it's quite crowded during the high season.