Komitsa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Athos. It is located on the east coast of Athos, and from Nea Rodha is 5km away.

It consists of two parts divided by a cape, in total length of about 4km. The smaller part of the beach is in front of the hotel/resort, and a large part is towards the Holy Mountain. At the end of the larger part there is the wall from which the Holy Mountain begins.

The beach is sandy, and somewhat coarse sand is in the water and on the coast. The depth is gradual, and the sea is crystal clear and transparent.

In front of the hotel there are sunbeds only available for their guest, and there you can find a restaurant and a grassy area that is ideal for children’s play. There is also a parking space in the hinterland of the beach. There is also some natural shade in one part of the beach. The largest part of the beach is available to visitors with their own equipment.

Komitsa is big enough to never get crowded. Although it is large, you have impression that it is nicely placed between plenty of forests and greenery.

If you want to reach the other part of the beach, which is located behind the cape, you have to drive to the end of the road and after the asphalt there is a slightly worse macadam that leads through the forest to that part.
There is a canteen where the prices are a little higher, and there are also showers and cabins as well as a toilet.

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