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ierissos athos greece (19)
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Ierissos is the most popular tourist place on the third finger of Halkidiki, Athos, on the east coast, at about 740km from Belgrade. A small place with a very long beach and an equally long promenade. A peaceful, turquoise and clear sea, a natural shade and no crowd, is perfect...

olimpiada athos chalkidiki greece (13)
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Olympiada is a small place at the beginning of the third finger in Halkidiki, Athos. Between hills and greenery, this place has not yet been affected by mass tourism, and there are still no large number of accommodation facilities. Except for the beautiful beaches in the close proximity, the Olympiada is...

nea roda athos chalkidiki (2)
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Nea Rodha

Nea Rodha is a small village with a pedestrian zone next to the sea and a small port. In this street there are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops that have a nice sea view. There are also playgrounds for children in some of these coffee shops. This...

ouranopolis athos halkidiki 1
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Ouranopolis is small place in the west coast of Athos. First of all, it is known for the cruise boats which are starting from here and going around the Holy Mountain, but also to the island of Drenia. The place itself is very cute and has a special charm, a...