In this article, you can see a list of all beaches on Thassos and instructions on how to reach them.
If you don’t have a GPS device or GPS coordinates with you, a printed version of the instructions we’re about to give you would be more than welcome.
You can find details and precise locations of all the beaches we’ve mentioned in the Beaches section of our Thassos tourist guide.

The GPS coordinates of all beaches on Thassos can be found here.

Limenas – city beach

The city beach is sandy. The water is clean and clear. There are sunbeds and parasols along the entire beach, which you can use throughout the whole day for free if you order a drink in some of the restaurants. If you don’t feel like paying, you can use a number of benches in the shade of trees, in the back of the beach, but also your own towel and parasol.
How to get there? It is situated in Limenas, next to the old port.


A small beach below a café of the same name. Above the beach, there’s a blue and white church and an earthy lane that leads to a pine forest and archaeological complexes. This beach has rocky parts, ideal for jumping into the sea, and a lot of empty coves, suitable for a secluded sunbathing, paddling and diving.
How to get there? A 10 minute walk from the Limenas city beach towards the Karnagio cafe which is on the rocks.


An arranged complex next to the beach. Good for families with young children. Entrance to the complex during the holiday season is charged 3 euros per person until 7 PM, and after that it’s free. A set of two sunbeds and a parasol costs 6 euros.
How to get there? It’s located about 2 km away from Limenas. Drive on the highway that goes around the island, go to the left toward Panagia and Potamia, after 1 km turn left, and after 500 m turn right, and the path will lead you to Makryammos.

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Marble (Saliara) & Vathi

Both of these beaches are covered with pebbles as white as snow and have a gorgeous turquoise sea color.
How to get there? Start in Limenas and drive towards Makryammos. There is a ramp at the entrance to that complex. Before the ramp, you will see a dusty road on the right which leads to Saliara and Vathi. Take this road, which is generally used by trucks which transport marble. Drive without making turns and you will see Saliara on the left. The road is very dusty, but it doesn’t have any holes. It’s wide enough.
To get to Porto Vathi, drive along the same road for about 500 m more.
To get to Vathi, continue driving on the same road, pass the bay where ships are being loaded, and you’ll find Vathi in the next bay.

Vournelis or Agios Vasilios beach

A beach which is covered by stones, gravel and sand.
How to get there? It’s in Limenas, behind the new harbor toward Tarsanas beach.


Tarsanas is a very small beach with a natural shade, an adorable cafe, a tavern and a diving board.
How to get there? Start at the new port in Limenas and go right on the highway towards Skala Rachoni and Prinos. After ten minutes of walking, at the exit of the town, on a small hill, you’ll come across a board that says “Tarsanas beach”. Go through a flower arch, walk along a paved footpath next to a white villa with a nice front yard, descend to the beach, walk through another flower arch and you’re there.


A beach with plenty of shade and space.
How to get there? It’s located about 8 km away from Limenas in the direction towards Skala Prinos.


A sandy, narrow beach, with lots of natural shade. Organized, with a restaurant in the rear.
How to get there? Papalimani beach is about 1,7 km away from the Nisteri beach, going from Limenas to Limenaria. There’s a visible orange sign on the right side which says “Papalimani”. There’s a parking lot next to the highway, in the shade of pine trees.

Four Season

This beach belongs to the hotel of the same name. It’s narrow, sandy, it has a natural shade, sunbeds and parasols. At the water entrance, there’s gravel and a large stone or two with a considerable number of urchins. After swimming over that part, you’ll reach the beautiful part with sand under your feet.
How to get there? The first bay after Papalimani beach, across the Four Seasons hotel. There aren’t any tags or a parking lot.


This is the beach of Glikadi Hotel. It’s nice and sandy, with sunbeds and parasols. The water entrance in good in some parts, but it has large pebbles in other parts.
How to get there? Its about 500 m away from the Four Season beach on the Limenas-Prinos highway, across Glikadi Hotel. Parking space is available.


A long sandy beach, mostly wild with natural shade. It is ideal for families.
How to get there? Start in Limenas and go towards Pachis and Skala Prinos. After 8 km, after all the listed beaches (Tarsanas, Nisteri, Papalimani, Four Season and Glikadi), you’ll reach this beach.

La Scala

An excellently decorated fancy sandy beach, with a bar and music in the background, large parasols and canopies, gradual depth, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the music.
How to get there? It’s about 4 km after Limenas in the direction towards Skala Prinos, right in front of Kohylia Hotel.


A small beach, but unbelievably beautiful, with white sand and plenty of shade, with free sunbeds and a tavern right by the beach.
How to get there? Take off from Limenas towards the west coast. After about 10 km, you’ll see a board for Loulouadis Hotel on the right side. Turn right there, and continue straight forward for another 100-200 meters, then turn right and continue driving (for about 500 m). Follow the signs for Glifoneri tavern and you will arrive directly to the beach, which is not visible from the road.


A nice beach with a beautiful sea and lots of shade.
How to get there? Take off from Limenas and drive along the highway towards Skala Prinos. After 10-11 km, before Skala Rachoni, you’ll come across this beach. You’ll see a nice marked turn to the right towards the sea - a board which says “Hotel Pachis Beach”.

If you want to get to the part of the beach which has the wooden diving board (you can see it in all photos of this beach), then DO NOT turn at the Hotel Pachis Beach board, but 50 m after that. On the right side of the road, you’ll see an earthy part with parked cars. Turn there, park your car and continue on foot down the small path, and you will get to the part of the beach with the aforementioned diving board. This part is significantly less crowded than the rest of the beach, and there’s also shade. I do not suggest trying the diving board, because it’s in a bad condition so it’s not safe.

Skala Rachoni

A nice and long sandy beach with shade.
How to get there? Skala Rachoni is a small town located on the west side of the island, 12.5 km south from Limenas.

Ariba beach

Ariba is a sandy beach with gradual depth. The rear of the beach is covered with pine trees which create a great shade. At this beach, you can relax with some chill out music and enjoy the good atmosphere.
How to get there? It’s a little bit outside the center of Skala Rachoni in the direction towards Prinos, right next to Golden Sunset Hotel.

Skala Prinos and Dasilio

Skala Prinos is surrounded by several long, sandy beaches, where the water is usually calm and extremely clean. Only a kilometer away, there is a small area called Dasilio, named after pine trees (dasos means forest in Greek). There’s very nice sandy beach in Dasilio, with a few beautiful and luxurious hotels located along it.
How to get there? In Skala Prinos and 1 km left of the port.

Skala Sotiros

Every morning the water is phenomenal and crystal clear; it’s something you must see. Each afternoon and evening, waves carry (really little) grass on the surface of the water, but the water is still OK.
How to get there? City beach in Skala Sotiros.

Skala Kallirachi

Typical beaches in a small town on an island. Not urban or crowded. Sandy, with calm and clear water.
How to get there? They are located in the center and around the center of Skala Kallirachi.

Skala Maries

In the center of Skala Maries there’s a small, gravel beach with crystal clear water and rocks in the water, never crowded. Next to the beach there are several restaurants, with excellent fish dishes.
How to get there? It’s located in the center of Skala Maries.

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Platanas - Sunset Beach

A beautiful sandy beach with gradual depth.
How to get there? It’s located at the entrance to Skala Maries from the direction of Skala Prinos.

Atspas (Sugar Beach)

This beach is very beautiful, if it’s not crowded, which is the case in June and September. The sea is crystal clear and the shoal is very long. There are parasols and sunbeds for rent, a volleyball net, and cars can be parked next to the beach. Given that the atmosphere on this beach is somehow always pleasant, people easily get in contact with each other, and a good company for volleyball is quickly found. There are octopuses on the surrounding rocks, and in the water you can find starfish.
How to get there? This beach is at the exit of Skala Maries, towards Limenaria, on the right side, below the main road.

Wild bays after Skala Maries

A long, almost deserted, sandy beach with stones in the water, made from several coves.
How to get there? Arriving from Limenas, after Skala Maries, turn at the sign for the Ancient Pottery Factory. When this road brings you to the gates of a yard (with a bunch of rubble and some barrels), and when you think that there’s no more road, get closer and you’ll see a road between a fence and a scrub on the left side. Go around the estate and after a few hundred meters you’ll come across the Ancient Pottery Factory. Go around it from the lower side (there’s a slightly steeper part), leave your car there and go down to the rocks that gently descend towards the sea, and that’ll take you to the bay - the beach.


The beach is gravelly, with fine gravel and stone slabs in the water. The water entrance is excellent on the right side, and pretty rocky on the left. It’s great for diving, with shells in the water and on the beach, while the showers are located within Blue Palace Hotel. In the rear of the beach there’s a large hotel with a pool, as well as a few smaller hotels, restaurants and a parking lot. On the right side of the beach, there is a concrete pier-diving board. Also, there’s a big hollow rock with a passage in the middle. Whoever swims through the passage, enters a small and beautiful cove, invisible from the mainland.
How to get there? This beach is located 1.5 km before Limenaria, from the direction of Skala Prinos. Turn right from the highway and onto a narrow path that leads to a large parking lot and the beach.


A sandy beach in Limenaria, from Trypiti to the city, several kilometers long. In some parts it’s OK for swimming, and in some it has a lot of rocks and sea urchins in the water.
How to get there? At the entrance to Limenaria, right by the Iris Gold factory, turn right and drive towards the sea, and then go left along the beach towards the center.

Limenaria - city beach

Amall beach in the center of Limenaria, between the promenade and the harbor. It’s sandy. There are parasols, sunbeds, changing rooms and showers. It’s small, but it can do. On the west side of Limenaria, the beach is 2 km long, with sandy and rocky parts.
How to get there? Center of Limenaria.


A decent beach, the water is clean, but all along the shoal there are some slippery stone slabs, so the entry into the water is very inconvenient, except in the far left side towards Pefkari. There are no trees that would replace a parasol. There is a small cafe and an ice cream fridge.
How to get there? 1 km (as the crow flies) towards Potos from Limenaria port, by concrete steps to the top of the hill where Palataki (the yellow castle above Limenaria) is located, then down the trail, next to the abandoned mine, is Metalia beach. Although it seems to be close, just on the other side of the hill, it’s definitely not a beach you can quickly reach. You’ll get fairly tired while climbing the hill, then you’ll walk about a hundred steps up, and then back down the trail.

If you go by car, take the main road from Limenaria toward Potos. Pass the church at the exit of Limenaria, Palataki will remain on the right side, drive on for about 600 m, then turn right onto a narrow lane that goes down to the Metalia beach. This path actually obliquely takes you back towards Limenaria, until finally it gets you down to the rear of the beach. There is a clearing, reddish sand, in front of the abandoned buildings of the old mine, where all visitors park their means of transport.


The first bay was awarded with a Blue Flag in the season of 2006. It’s about 200 m long. Closer to the hotels, there’s a broader part with fine white sand, which gradually turns into gravel. There’s also gravel in the water, along the entire shoal, with a flat rock here and there. The water is always clear and transparent, because there’s no sand in the shoal. The depth gradually increases, and a few meters from the shore the depth is already over 2 m, so there’s no boring walking through the shoal toward depth that’s suitable for swimming. On the fringes of the bay there are rocky parts, with an urchin or two, so be careful. In the rear of this beach there are restaurants, hotels and showers, and sunbeds and parasols for rent, as well as a diving center and the Albatros water sports center.

In the second bay towards Potos, there’s an international camp and a nice bar called Oassis, and after that there’s Alexandra Beach Hotel. The beach in front of the camp is beautiful and with transparent water. As you go toward Alexandra Beach Hotel, the beach gets worse. If you like more peaceful and less crowded beaches, we recommend visiting the Oassis bar.
How to get there? 800 m before Potos from the direction of Limenaria.

Potos – city beach

It’s about 300 m long. It’s mostly crowded, especially during the holiday season. It is full of sunbeds and parasols from cafes in the rear (not charged, but you’re required to order a drink). The water is sometimes transparent, sometimes not, sometimes it’s still and sometimes with small waves.
How to get there? The Center of Potos – the cafe zone.

San Antonio (Breeze)

A sandy beach with a long shoal and very fine sand.
How to get there? This beach is an extension of the Potos city beach in the direction towards Aliki.

Roso Gremos

It’s not crowded. It has a nice shade under the pine trees, a part with rocks, and a classic sandy area with sunbeds.
How to get there? The beach is 2 km southeast of Potos. It’s located just before Notos beach, which can be reached over the rocks. A large five-star hotel complex Royal Paradise has recently been built there.

Notos (South Beach)

This beach is nice and small, with sunbeds and parasols for rent and nothing more. The water is turquoise blue, the sand is fine, you can see shells and crabs in the water and across the sea, the magnificent Atos. At some point, a man comes down from the hill to charge the usage of sunbeds and parasols, and brings cooked corn, donuts and cold drinks. He often hides behind pine trees at the top of the hill, and looks at people in order to see who’s using sunbeds and parasols. That’s not completely fair, because there are no prices put up or even a notice that the usage of the beach equipment is charged, so the people visiting this beach for the first time may think that is free of charge.
How to get there? This cove (visible from the road) is 2.5 km away from the church in Potos, 50 m after the turn
for Roso Gremos beach. There are many parked cars, as well as a sign with that says “Notos - South beach”, so you can’t be wrong. The path to the beach (about 30 meters down the hill) is very bad, steep, earthy and with a lot of stones. Be careful!

Psili Ammos

This is a beach with fine sand and a gorgeous water color. It has shade under the pine trees, there are rocks, but there’s also a regular sandy part with sunbeds. People say that the water here is colder because it has springs of fresh water. In the rear of the beach, there’s a cafe, a shower and a parking lot.
How to get there? The beach is 7 km away from Potos, in the direction towards Aliki. There’s enough parking space on a big earthy widening and along the road.

Santa Anna beach

This is a very small cove with fine sand both on the shore and in the water.
Above and around the beach there are trees and natural shade, but not on the beach itself.
How to get there? Santa Anna is about 4 km away from Potos in the direction towards Astris, a kilometer after Roso Gremos in the direction towards Psili Ammos.
The beach is not visible from the highway, but you’ll recognize it when you see the widening on the right side of the road and a yard which has a wire fence. You can park your car there and walk along a narrow trail next to the wire fence, which will lead you to the beach. You can also get to the beach by turning left from the highway down a narrow, dusty road, a few hundred meters before the aforementioned widening, but the road is very bad.

Salonikios beach

Salonikios beach is about 3 km away from the highway and settlements, so it lets you completely relax while listening to the quiet music which comes from its beach bar.
The beach has this unusual, coarse sand with a reddish color which makes the color of the sea different than the ones on other beaches.
How to get there? The turn for Salonikios beach is located a little outside the center of Astris. A 3 km long dusty road will lead you to the beach.


This beach is rocky. You enter the water by climbing down metal stairs. There’s plenty of shade.
How to get there? This beach is located before Aliki from the direction of Potos, and it has the best dusty road which leads to it. The turn for this beach is at the board for Skidia restaurant.

Aliki beach

Aliki is one of the most popular beaches on Thassos. It’s a sandy beach with an emerald sea. In the rear of the beach, there’s a couple of taverns and a cafe.
There’s another cove with the same name that you can reach by walking across the cape that separates them. This cove is rocky.
How to get there? Aliki is 20 km east from Potos. It’s 2 km after the monastery of St. Archangel Michael from the direction of Potos.


Livadi is a picturesque cove located between olive groves. The shore is covered by grovel. The water entrance is rocky, but after that it’s sandy.
How to get there? After the last turn before the climb to the monastery, turn right, then go downhill (don’t try this unless your car breaks are in perfect condition). The road is steep and bad. If you’ve ever dreamed about driving in Camel Trophy, the road to this beach will be a perfect preparation for you.


A small wild cove, with a sandy shore and stones and sand in the water. The color of the water is incredible and it gives you the feel of an exotic island.
How to get there? When descending to the Livadi beach, about 200 m before the beach, there’s a left turn to another wild cove, which is visited by cruise ships (because, in tourist guides’ opinion, this beach can only be reached by boat). Don’t be upset about the ships which disturb your peace and solitude at that beach, because they only make half hour stops. You can come there by car too, but not completely; you’ll reach two abandoned houses, and then you’ll have to continue between them on foot. You will see a trail through a forest which will take you to the beach. You will need about 10 minutes in total (500 m by car + 70 m on foot) after leaving the main road.

Agios Ioannis

The beach is covered by gravel, and in the water there’s a combination of gravel and sand. The sea is clean. The cove itself is gorgeous, sandy in most parts, and the water is emerald green with smaller and larger stones. There’s a little shade. People who dive will enjoy this even more. Behind the beach, there is an archeological site and a huge hotel complex right next to the beach.
How to get there? Take off from Aliki towards Kinira. That’s one of the last coves in the south, before you continue to move east. There’s a sign which tells you that there’s and archeological site 300 m away, down towards the beach. The name of the archeological site is “Ancient site of Agios Ioannis Loukas”. There’s a parking lot and it’s in the shade.


Amazing surroundings, beautiful sand, an incredible sea, no crowds, a shoal everyone enjoys. You walk through the shoal for a long, long time in order to reach the depths suitable for swimming. That’s why this beach is ideal for children. It has occasional waves.
How to get there? Take off from Potos, drive along the east side of the island and drive along the highway for abou 30 minutes. From the highway to the beach there’s a bad dusty road. If you’re going on foot, it’s 7-8 minutes of walk; if you’re going by car, be careful because it’s very difficult to pass and cars get easily damaged on this road, but there’s plenty of parking space in the rear of the beach. People who want to make sure they don’t damage their car, leave it by the highway (there isn’t always space there though) and then walk down to the beach.

Skala Potamia and Golden Beach

A huge, 3 km long, urban, sandy beach, with a crystal clear sea, an incredibly long shoal and occasionally waves. It has a lot of shade.
The quality of the beach is not the same in all its parts.
In the rear, there are restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, villas…, because Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia are located by the beach.
How to get there? Take off from Potos along the east coast, drive along the highway for about 40 km. The beach is spread from the entrance to Skala Potamia to the end of the 3 km long bay.

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Thank you to Ivan from Bačka Palanka, who made an effort to gather all of this information for this article!