Notos beach is located 3km east of Potos, just after the beach Roso Gremos from which only rocks seprate it.

The beach is small, with a steep footpath 30 meters long, but with clear water and fine sand on the shore and in the water, and definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.  The depth is gradual and the beach is suitable for children. 

On the beach from 2019th is a Red Bar where you can rent sunbeds with an ordered drink, but you can also set up your own towel and umbrella. 

The beach has no shower or changing cabins. 

The car is the best park in the expansion along the main road, just behind the beach Roso Gremos. 

The small path through the rocks goes to Roso Gremos beach, and better swimmers can swim the distance.

Take a look at this video clip from Notos on our Youtube channel.