Karavostasi beach is located at the foothill of the village Perdika on the Ionian coast. It is only 13km away from Sivota and 16km from Parga by old road and 22km by the new road.

The road from Perdika to the Karavostasi beach is slightly curved but very interesting. It passes through unusually beautiful landscapes, olive groves and a deciduous forest. While driving to the beach you would feel like you are going through a big natural park.

The beach itself is about 700m long and over 70m wide. It is sandy and it looks towards the west, so on this beach you will have the opportunity to enjoy a stunningly beautiful sunset.
There are parasols and sunbeds on the beach, most of which you can use for a whole day after ordering one drink. The largest part of the beach is completely empty and it’s available to all who have their own equipment. Being that large, the beach is not crowded even in the high season.
The beach has a gradual depth and it doesn’t have a large shoal. Along the beach there is enough space for parking, and there is also one mini market. There are also water sports as well as two beach bars. On the left side, when looking towards the sea, on the hill, there is a tavern in a beautiful surrounding. The tavern is called Skala Karavostasi and from the its porch you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, as well as beautiful sunsets.

The area where the Karavostasi beach is located is still under development. The beach is the most beautiful in the area, and hotels and apartments are slowly being built near it. For now there are only few of them so you can still enjoy the peace on the beach Karavostasi, without the crowd.