Afytos is for many reasons a unique place on Kassandra, and maybe on the whole Halkidiki. It is located on the north-eastern coast of the peninsula Kasandra, between the Nea Fokea resort and Kalithea. Afitos is from the  place Polihrono 13 km away, and from Thessaloniki is 80 km away. It is perfect as the base for seeing eastern and western part of the peninsula.

It is located on the hill and from there you can have a unique view of the bay and the blue sea. The place itself is specific for the mediterranean atmosphere and bacause of its narrow streets and the rocky fassade of most of objects reminds of Dubrovnik and Dalmatia.

In order to get to the beach it takes about 10 min from all the accomodation places upwards and downwards, and you can also get to the beach by car. There are two beaches in this place. The beach towards Nea Fokei is sandy and it is easy to get into the water, there are no rocks, whereas the beach towards Kalithei is also has the crystal clear water, but it is  covered in sand, the entrance in the span of 2-3 km is rocky, and then comes again the part with the sand and a shoal.

Afitos is ideal for romantics and for all those who want to come to a nice place as the base for travelling throughout Kasandra. There are beautiful beaches, but also places for those who want to have fun like Kalithee which is only a couple-of-minute drive away, and it is known for the best clubs for young people on Kasandra.

There are stores, great restaurants with fresh fish, sea and greek traditional specialties, good taverns and fast-food restaurants, pastry shops, souvenir shops. Restaurants and cafes on the cliff from which there is a fantastic view of the sea are especially interesting. About 3 km away there are supermarkets for all those who seek for less expensive supplies.

The atmosphere in the town is very authentic, especially in evenings when tourists come to Afitos. The streets are narrow, the lights are beautiful and rocky fassades and pebbled streets seem romantic and take you back to some old times. Some houses from the 18th century are preserved, and the little squares are nicely arranged and are full of flowers.

Afitos will take the  breath away of all the fans of the quaint and the greek authentic, mediterranean vibes, romantics and love couples.