The traditional village Dragano is located 2km north from the village Athani (32km southwest from the capital city Lefkas). This small village preserves the spirit of the former Lefkada and represents a combination of the untouched nature and historical attractions.

In the villages of Dragano and Atani, exceptional thyme honey is produced and can be purchased from producers in the village itself. In addition to thyme honey, small quantities of almond and citrus fruits are also produced. In August a honey festival is organized in the village of Dragano.

Dragano is on a perfect location for visiting the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada: Gialos 3km, Egremni 7km, Porto Katsiki 12km south, Kathisma 20km north from the village. The attractions of the village are old olive fabric, wells from the venetian and turkish period and also a village church Ipapanti.

The Gialos beach is only 3m away and at the same time it is the closest beach on the south, while Egremni and Porto Katsiki are 12km away from Dragano. The Kalamitsi beach is on the north, while the longest beach Katisma is on the west side of the island.

Village Vasiliki, which is known as a paradise for surfers is 12km away from Dragano on the east. That is the biggest village on the south of island where you could find everything you need for a perfect vacation. Big selection of taverns, restaurants, cafes, water sports, shops, boutiques, souvenir shops, and a promenade by the sea.

Nearby Vasiliki is located the beach Agiofili, which is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and you can visit this beach if you are accommodated in Dragano. The most popular place in Lefkada, Nidri, is 32km away from Dragano.

In the village Athani, which is a 2-minute ride from Dragano, you can find nice local taverns and supermarkets for supplies. All in all, Dragano is on the perfect location for visiting the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada, but it is also suitable for all who don’t have a problem with a lack of content in the very place and for the tourists with their own car.