Kathisma is one of the fantastic beaches on the west coast. It’s 15km away from the capital city Lefkas and 3,5km from Agios Nikitas and it’s one of the beaches which could be reached by bus.

The road which leads to it is good, asphalted, with just a few curves. When getting down to the beach you will notice a few viewpoints with an amazing view towards the beach and the sea. There is a large parking space along the beach, but in the high season you should come earlier in order to find a free of charge parking spot. There are also a few private parking places.

Kathisma is as beautiful as two most known beaches on Lefkada, Porto Katsiki and Egremni, and it is easily reachable, therefore that makes it perfect for all who want to take rest from driving the winding roads to the beaches and going down the steps. It’s also perfect for elderly people or for families with small children to whom coming down to the popular beaches could be very exhausting, but either way it’s one of the beaches with a fantastic sea colour, which is Lefkada known for. Kathisma is also excellent for all who like urban beaches, well arranged, with provided parking space, but also with enough space for the visitors with their own equipment, even in a high season.
It’s great for all who come to Lefkada without their own car, because there are local buses to this beach every day. The road to the beach is safe even for the motor scooters. There are several accommodation facilities on the beach, and also few beach bars with a pool which guests could use.

Some of the bars, don’t charge their sunbeds, instead you could use them with an ordered drink or food, but vast majority charges those sets.

There are showers, changing rooms and toilets along the beach (within the bars).

Kathisma is popular among the young population because in its bars there are often performances by famous Djs, and the beach has volleyball and tennis courts. On the beach you could try paragliding and enjoy this beauty from up above. The view of a numerous paragliders from the beach who take off from the nearby hills and fly down directly on the beach also represents an interesting experience.

Although the beach is very crowded, especially in July and August and in the weekends, you could always find enough space for yourself. Either on sunbed or on free space with your own equipment. The edges of the beach are less crowded. If you want to be alone, there are little wild bays on the left side of the beach. That part of the beach is sometimes used by nudists.

Coast is cowered with small or medium-large jackstones and it is alike in the water. There is no shoal and the depth starts after 2-3m so you need to pay attention to children, especially if the water is wavy. When it gets wavy, the waves could be quite large, even the adults should be careful, because it’s not rare that someone gets drowned.

There are rocks at the end of the beach, around which is interesting to go diving. The sea is crystal clear, but it’s not transparent in the larger depth due to its known “milky” sea effect. It’s good for snorkeling, especially on the north part of the beach where are interesting caves for exploring.
The beach is surrounded with a high hills and rocks which along with the unreal blue sea make a spectacular, unforgettable sight. The impression of enthusiasm is the same when you look from the hill towards the beach or vice versa.

It’s easy to reach the Kathisma beach, so probably it’s the only beach you will be coming back several times during your vacation. It has everything that you could wish for. On Kathisma, among all the other things, you could enjoy the stunning sunsets, and the large rocks could be useful for making a great pictures.

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