Only 2km from Vasiliki is one of the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada, Agiofili. You could reach this beach by the car, but last 700-800m you would have to walk to the beach. The lenght of the pedestrian section depends from the road's condition at the time being on Lefkada. After heavy rains, the road is worse, it has more halls, therefore the larger part of the road you would have to walk. The road is mostly uphill and it's not so pleasant for a walk in hot summer days. Jeeps could freely come to the beach where there is a large parking which costs 3 to 5e, depending on period of the season.

When you come close to the beach and see from the above, you will be delightet to realize that the walking was worth it. The beach is not large, it's gravel like the most of the beaches on Lefkada and the colour of the see is unreal blue. Unlike other popular beaches on lefkada (Egremni Porto Katsiki...) the see is not milky blue, but transparent and great for diving. The sea world on this becah is very rich, so the Agiofili represents a paradise for divers.

There are sunbeds and parasols on the beach which you could rent for 6e (two sunbeds and parasol). In the season it's better to come earlier or to bring your own equipment because of the crowd. There is no shoal, a depth is gradual, therefore this beach is more suitable for swimmers than for the children. The most beautiful part of the beach (without rocks in the water) is the right part, next to the rocks towards Vasiliki.

For all who don't like walking, there are taxi boats from Vasiliki which would ride tourits to the beach Agiofili and the ticket costs 6e per person in both ways. The boats start at 10h in the morning, and the last boat from the beach is at 18:30.

You souldn't miss this beach.

Watch a video clip from this beach on our YouTube channel.