Sithonia - comprehensive tourist guide

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    Updated January 25, 2023.

    Interesting history of Sarti

    Some locals of Sarti told us an interesting story about their small town. Today, Sarti has about 800 inhabitants during the winter. Their ancestors were banished from Turkey, from Anatolia, from the island of Avşa at the beginning of the twentieth century. In fear of slaughter prior to the attack of...

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    Updated March 19, 2021.

    Sithonia apartments

    Accommodation in Sithonia is mostly apartments, less hotels. Sithonia has a dozen places along the coast and all offer a large selection of apartments. In total, there are more than 1000 apartment-type accommodation facilities. On our website you can find more than 500 apartments, from cheap to expensive and luxurious. When choosing the apartments,...

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    Updated April 27, 2020.


    Sithonia is one of the areas that is closest to our tourists, and together with its natural beauty makes it one of the most common and most preferred holiday destinations. The variety of accommodation, capacity and the accessibility as well as the prices round up Sithonia one of the best...