Sithonia - comprehensive tourist guide

    pomoc na putu
    Updated May 01, 2024.

    Sithonia - a friend on the road

    *Author of the text: Rastko Zivanovic* Our vacation went perfectly, even though we had problems with our car. Fortunately, we have an AMSS (Automobile Association of Serbia) card that covers costs...

    travel by car to sithonia
    Updated April 09, 2024.

    Trip to Sithonia by car

    In this text we will describe the road from Belgrade to Nikiti, the capital city of Sithonia, which is the first important location on this glorious peninsula. **We will not describe...

    car rental sithonia
    Updated December 25, 2020.

    Car rental in Sithonia

    There are plenty of options available for car rentals in Sithonia but agencies are limited to towns of Nikiti, Neos Marmaras and Sarti. During the off-season months rental prices are...