Between Paliouri and Pefkohori, right after Golden beach, lies Glarokavos, natural lagoon mainly used for tying boats and not arranged for bathing.

The whole coast, from the lagoon to Pefkohori, is mostly known as Glarokavos. This coast is beautiful, gentle, with fine or large gravel. The depth of the water is gradual.

Close to the lagoon there’s beautifully arranged Faros bar, and beside it, there are several bars like Umbrellas and Glarokavos on your way to Pefkohori. There’s plenty of space for visitors with their own equipment on the coast. In the backside of the beach there’s a forest with campers that leave a lot of garbage behind and that is of course spoiling the atmosphere on the beach, so many people, especially families with children, avoid it. There’s no crowd on this beach.