I have met people who didn’t like anything on Thasos. They came to the island on a friend’s recommendation, set off with great expectations and went back disappointed.

Maybe you have noticed that there are many fans of Thasos at forums, but there are also those who absolutely don’t understand what is so pretty on Thasos.Greece has around 250 inhabited islands, and judging by the statistics, Thasos is the island with the greatest percentage of returnees.

What is there to love on Thasos?

Tourism on Thasos started to develop during the sixties, whereas Rhodes and Crete have a thousand year old tourist tradition. You have to admit that is quite a difference.

I have met most of the tourists who visit the island. There are more and more of those who buy houses and settle here permanently. Most of them are English. I have talked to some English people who love Greece, and had visited almost all of the more important Greek islands. They went everywhere once, but visited Thasos a couple times. They told me that they didn’t come to Thasos because it is more beautiful than the other islands, but because it was on Thasos that they felt most comfortable. They liked the fact that the spirit of traditional Greece could still be felt, and not everything had been commercialized. That’s when they mentioned Spain and some well-known Spanish resorts they had visited before they came to Greece. They said Spain was same as England. When they went to a modern Spanish resort, they wouldn’t feel any different from what they felt back home. That is why Greece is unique, it has something of its own, something special… That is why Thasos is special, it has kept the spirit of Greece more than the other islands, which became like other modern resorts worldwide.

Last summer when I was on Santorini I thought Santorini was incomparably more beautiful than Thasos, but after a few days when we saw all there was to see, I wished we went someplace else. That is when I realized that you have to see Santorini, but feel and live Thasos. On Santorini you feel like a guest, but like a host on Thasos. Of course, both have their good sides. I recommend visiting Santorini.

Thasos is also known as the green island, or the floating forest. It has been mentioned as the green island all the way back from Herodotus’ scripts. In the nineties, the island was caught in 3 fires for three consecutive years. More than half of the island was completely burnt down. The islanders say that before the fire, there had been tall pine trees all above the coast… Unfortunately, now there’s only short vegetation on almost all of the west coast.

They say that life is made of small things and that those small things give you most pleasure. That is the thing with Thasos. There are no water parks, aquariums, luxurious hotel blocks, ports with luxurious yachts, shopping malls and mega-markets, Chinese and Italian restaurants, McDonald’s or wild night life… On Thasos small things are what will amaze you, some wild cove, a nice beach, clean water, nice view, a thousand-year-old olive, a polite islander, the smell of pine, the sunset… the nature itself… If you are one of those people who don’t like that, or don’t find that relevant for the quality of their vacation, chances are you won’t like Thasos.

We are all different. When someone here asks me about Serbia, the first thing I tell them is that it has beautiful nature, rivers and mountains, whereas someone else would mention Belgrade as the metropolis and Delta city in it. :) That is why many like it when I post pictures of luxurious hotels on the island, and others when they see a small house on the shore, or the romantic village Maries. To each their own, and it wouldn’t be as interesting if we were all the same. :)

But, let’s get back to those who like Thasos.

There are 2 ways to enjoy Thasos.

One of them is to, if you want a proper vacation, rent a house on the beach, forget about work and problems, and relax by swimming and sunbathing. Pefkari, Pahis, Rahoni, Astris, Marijes, and many more are ideal for this type of vacation.

If you don’t like sameness, then you will quickly get bored with every place on Thasos, since all of them are very small. In that case, you need a car or a scooter and then you can head for adventure and exploring of the island. As I have previously mentioned somewhere, the perimeter of the island is around 95 km. That means that you can circle the island in less than an hour. In that circle you find interesting villages, fishing towns, beaches, viewpoints, monasteries, archeological sites... Ten days is not enough to visit all the nice beaches and places that Thassos has to offer.