There are people who didn’t like anything on Thassos. They came to the island on the recommendation of a friend, left with great expectations, and returned disappointed.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of Thassos lovers on the forums, but there are some who absolutely do not understand what is beautiful about Thassos.

Greece has about 250 inhabited islands, and according to some statistics, Thassos is the island with the highest percentage of “returnees”.

What do people like on Thassos?

On Thassos, tourism began to develop late, in the 1960s, while Rhodes and Crete have a thousand-year-long tourism tradition. Big difference, you have to admit.

A lot of tourists are coming to the island. There are more and more people who buy homes and settle permanently. There are most English people. There are English, Greek lovers, who have visited almost every known Greek island. They were everywhere once, and several times at Thassos. They say that they did not come to Thassos again because it is more beautiful than other islands but because they feel most beautiful in Thassos. They like that traditional Greek spirit which is everywhere and that it is not yet all commercialized. On the mention of Spain and famous Spanish resorts that visited until they discovered Greece, they say that Spain is the same as England. When they go to the Spanish modern resort, they feel no change compared to their country. That is why Greece is unique, it keeps something of its own, something authentic. That is why Thassos is special, it has preserved the spirit of Greece more than some other islands that have become similar to other modern, world-class resorts.

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Santorini, for example, is incomparably prettier than Thassos, but after a few days, after seeing everything interesting, there is a desire to go somewhere else. Therefore, Santorini should be seen, and Thassos should be felt and experienced. On Santorini, you feel like a guest and on Thassos, you feel like at your home. Of course, both have their charm. Santorini is really highly recommended, but only for a few days.

Thassos is known as the Green Island or the Floating Forest, as it is called in the literature. It is mentioned in Herodotus’ writings as a green island. In the 1990s, the island was caught by 3 fires 3 years in a row. More than half of the island was completely burned. The people say that pine trees were growing over the entire coastline of the island before the fire. You will now sadly see low vegetation on almost the entire west side of the island while the east is still green. And in 2016 Thassos experienced another big fire. Most of the forest was burned, but mostly high in the hills.

People say that life is made of little things and that pleasure should be found in little things. So that’s with Thassos. You will not find water parks, aquariums, quarters with luxury hotels, marinas with luxury yachts, shopping malls and mega-markets, Chinese and Italian restaurants, McDonald’s, nightlife… in Thassos you can enjoy some wild cove, beautiful beach, clean water, beautiful view, a thousand-year-old olive tree, a kind local, the smell of pine trees, sunset, nature… If you are one of the people who don’t like any of this, then you won’t like Thassos.

We are all different, but let’s look at those who will like Thassos.

There are two ways to enjoy Thassos.

One of them is that if you want a real vacation, choose the accommodation on the beach, forget about work and problems, and relax with a swim and lying down all day long. Pefkari, Pachis, Skala Rachoni, Astris, Skala Maries are ideal for this type of vacation…

If you don’t like monotony then every place on Thassos will get bored easily and quickly, since all places are very small. In that case, you need a car or scooter and then you can start to explore the island. As we wrote somewhere before, the circumference of the island is about 93km. This means that in just over an hour you can make a circle. In this circle, you will come across interesting villages, fishing villages, interesting beaches, viewpoints, monasteries, archeological sites…

Ten days is a small period of time for all beautiful beaches and all beautiful places that Thassos has to offer.

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