Thessaloniki region (Stavros, Nea Vrasna, Asprovalta) is well located for sightseeing in the region as well as in other surrounding areas.

In addition to the famous beaches around Olympiada, we suggest you to visit also the Ammolofi beach located in Nea Peramos, according to Kavala. It is one of the most beautiful and probably the best maintained beaches in northern Greece.

If you are traveling by car, visit the old Stavros (Ano Stavros) and the Agnanti Café offering fantastic views of the entire Strimonico Bay and the places of Stavros, Nea and Paralia Vrasna, Apsprovalta …
Kavala is also not far away, and it is a very beautiful and picturesque city where you will want to spend some days. Thessaloniki is very close and can be used for walking, shopping, as well as a visit to the water park, which is a paradise for children as well as adults.
The traditional city of Arnea is also on your list if you love the picturesque villages in the interior of Greece.

Historic sites such as Philippi near Kavala or Amphipolis are a must-see station for lovers of archaeologically important sites.
Kakovo, a metoh of the Hilandar Monastery, is also relatively close.

If you have come by bus to Greece, you can complete your summer vacation in Stavros, Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna by going on some of the optional excursions organized by local travel agencies. Stavros position is very convenient for all tourists who like to enjoy in addition to the beach, the many attractions that Greece has to offer. Some of the excursions are:

- Thassos Island

- Thessaloniki (shopping tour or sightseeing tour)

- Pirate day, Kafkanas Island

- Athos - cruise around the Mount Athos

- The Meteora

- Waterland (water park in Thessaloniki)

- Stagira, the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle

- Excursion to ancient cities (Philippi and Amphipolis)

- Kavala

When you get tired of the beaches and sun, here are suggestions on how to spend quality time.
Visit Vergina, a town about 80km southwest of Thessaloniki. Visit the tomb of the royal family and Philip II of Macedon. The location was found by Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos in 1977. It looks impressively buried in the ground, it seems with the desire to never be found. Lots of history in one place.
Another proposal is the Museum of Christian Culture in Thessaloniki. A permanent setting. It is located a little behind the fairgrounds. A great place, with many items excavated in Thessaloniki and the region, show a way of life, profession, family. For me personally, the greatest impression was left on the objects that we still use today. Dental instruments, jewelry, buckles, buttons … - Andrija Ristic