Like any island, Thassos must be visited all around if you want to enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.

If you are arriving by bus and do not plan to rent a car, it is best to choose Limenas or Potos as your base.

From these places, you can easily visit several other beautiful beaches in the area, by taxi, local bus or on foot, and the places also have plenty of facilities for evening entertainment.

From Potos you can walk to the beaches of San Antonio, Pefkari, and for those who like to walk longer up to 5km from Potos there are also Roso Gremos, Notos, Santa Anna, Psili Ammos, Metalia and Limenaria. These beaches and Limenaria can also be reached by taxi (the price is just over 1e per kilometer for one taxi regardless of the number of persons). There are also local buses that allow you to visit beautiful beaches and places in the area. You can take bus tickets and timetables at the shop at the central intersection in Potos (next to the amusement park). There is also a taxi station at this intersection (across from the Olimpion Hotel).


From Limenas on foot, you can reach Nisteri, Papalimani and La Scala beaches (up to 5km distance) and on the other side to Makriyammos beach which is 2km away.

You can reach Marble beach by taxi from Limenas, whose return ticket is 10e.

From Limenas you can also visit a few more beaches by city bus.

In both Potos and Limenas, you can rent a car in many rent a car agency. Prices change from season to season, but if you rent for a day the price is highest and it is about June 25e to 30-35e in August for the lowest class car. Renting for more days is cheaper.

There are also boats that take one-day cruises from both places. It costs from 25-30e per person and usually includes breakfast and lunch. There are several beautiful beaches on the cruises. From Limenas there is an option to take the whole coast of Thassos by boat and this trip is a bit more expensive (40-50e).

Within the local agencies you can also pay for a very comprehensive sightseeing tour of the island by bus. On this tour, besides the popular beaches, the monastery of St. Archangel Michael and the traditional village of Panagia is being visited. The trip costs about 30e and does not include meals.

Scooter rental is one of the options for touring Thassos. The road is good although there are plenty of curves. You can also visit the whole island by scooter. The price for the day is from 12 to 15e for a scooter of 50 cubic meters. Renting for multiple days is much more profitable.

If you come to Thassos and just want to rest and do not plan to visit the beaches, then you can enjoy the smaller places. Skala Potamia and Golden Beach are great for families with small children because of the long shallow beach. Skala Maries and the places on the west side of Thassos (all Skales) are just for a quiet vacation, without many tourists and crowds.

Limenaria is big enough, but always a quiet option.

Pefkari is a good choice as it has a nice beach and you can walk to Potos in the evening (1km away).

All in all, if you choose a good base for your holiday in Thassos and in accordance with your needs and plans, you can have a great time.

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