Agios Nikolaos is a traditional village in Sithonia. It is located at 90m above sea level and about 2km from the coast. It is closest to Ormos Panagias.

The village is alive during the winter as well, so most of the accommodation owners from Vourvourou and Ormos actually live in Agios Nikolaos. The place has a post office, two churches, and in this village there is the only police station and the only health center in Sithonia. The place also has several accommodation facilities and about 2000 inhabitants. Due to its authenticity, it attracts more and more tourists.
Narrow cobbled streets, houses with stone facades, lots of flowers and a beautiful square give Agios Nikolaos a special touch. In the small square there are several taverns, a pastry shop, a pizzeria and a café. We advise you to visit the square in the early evening, from 8 pm when it is slowly filling up with visitors and to enjoy delicious food, and on Fridays and Saturdays in live music.

Our favorite tavern is Aggelos, so we recommend that you choose it if you stop by.

To check out accommodation offers in Agios Nikolaos click HERE.

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