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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Pets welcome
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Sandy Beach
  • Outside the town
  • Half Board
  • TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Recommended

Our description

Hotel Esperides Sofras Resort, a three star hotel, is located on the left side of the highway that connects Limenas and Pahis, Skala Rachoni, Skala Prinos, at 4 kilometers from the new port in Limenas, in Glykadi area. Before you arrive at the hotel Esperides Sofrasi Resort on the right side you’ll pass Tarsanas beach, hotels Glyfada, Nister and Kohylia, and a villa Victoria and Papalimani beach. Some 200 to 300 meters after Papalimani beach at the left of the road you will see the hotel complex Esperides.

The hotel has parking spaces near the highway, in front of the main building, but also in the back. The parking lot on the back side can be reached by dirt road along the side of the courtyard.

The hotel complex consists of eight two-storey buildings, painted in white, between which is a paved area with pool, bar and sun loungers and parasols. In the main building on the ground floor are reception area and lobby, and a restaurant upstairs with a dining room and beautiful large terrace overlooking the sea. Around all buildings are maintained lawns, trimmed bushes, flowers and palm trees. Everything looks very nice.

The hotel has its own beach, from which is divided only by the road, which is not too crowded with traffic in that area, so it’s not a problem to cross it. The beach is small, with sand on the coast, with a shallow depth rising gradually, and a combination of sand and gravel in the water. In it there are deck chairs and sunshades free for hotel guests. Some 300 meters before the beach is a beautiful hotel Papalimani beach with a restaurant in its hinterland, deck chairs, parasols and a concrete pier, and at the same distance after the hotel beach is a beach hotel Glykadi also with loungers and parasols.

Tourists can use double and triple rooms, also family rooms of large sizes (about 40 square meters). The renovation of the entire hotel complex is in progress. For now carpentry is changed in all the rooms, new modern bathrooms are finished in most rooms and the furniture has been changed in most of the rooms. During the fall and winter it is planned to process the pool and area around it. In the photographs you can see a standard double room with a view to the rear of the hotel, greenery and the surrounding hills, and one triple room (double bed and convertible sofa) with a view to the front of the hotel, green, highway and sea. All rooms have air conditioner, TV, mini bar, safe deposit box.

WiFi internet signal is available in the hotel lobby near reception area and around the pool near the bar. It should be possible to catch it in some rooms that are positioned near the router.

Towels, bed linen are provided and cleaning is performed daily.

Accommodation is based on bed and breakfast (buffet) or half board (dinner served for the main course, salad and dessert, with the fact that every night another dish is prepared, the same for all guests). Breakfast is served from 8:00am to 10:30pm and dinner from 19:00 to 21:00h. Since the hotel has a restaurant, which is open from 13:00 to 22:00h, you can dine in the hotel complex. However, it`s not an elaborate restaurant with a large selection of dishes that came with the many guests, but a small hotel restaurant with a modest selection of dishes.

Apart from hotel restaurants, restaurants in the hinterland of the beach Papalimani and other hotels and villas, there is no any content needed for tourists. The first markets, bakeries, pastry shops, pharmacies, clubs and the like are in Limenas, approximately 4km from the hotel or in Skala Rachoni, at some 7km from the hotel.

The complete hotel renovation should be finished by the beginning of the tourist season of 2012.

Owner's description

Esperides Sofras Resort-Hotel is offering the promise of relaxing vacations and unforgettable moments, in a breathtaking position, right in front of a quiet creek, just few meters from the crystal clear water of the Aegean sea, 3km outside the picturesque village of Limenas in Thassos Island and its famous ancient theater. Its name Sofras implies spaces imbued with the aroma of the Eastern Mediterranean, dreamlike environment with terraced levels, stairs, restful platforms,lounging areas, swimming pool, shadowed corners and openings that play with the light and the natural colors of the surroundings.

This elegant and traditionally styled white-washed Resort, is a complex of eight self-contained units of studios and suites, situated at different levels with perfect harmony with the environment, offering a friendly destination for holidays. The spaces of accommodation are well appointed, individually furnished each one offering private balconies for visitors to be spellbound by the stunning views and the absolute idyllic sunset. In all rooms and suites comforts such as TV, radio, mini bar, hair dryer, safe deposit, and air conditioning are offered. Esperides Sofras Resort-Hotel also offers an indoor restaurant with veranda, lobby area with bar, swimming pool, access to the private beach which lays just in front of the hotel, sunbathing decks, pool bar-bistro, parking spaces.

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Ekskluzivno, mirno


Boravila sa momkom u Esperides Sofras Resort, od 14.08. do 24.08.2012. godine. Ljubazno i nasmejano osoblje. Smestaj: kupatilo apartmana renovirano, soba prostrana i opremljena sa mini friziderom, terasa takodje prostrana. Plaza hotela nalazi se na minut od istog, samo da se predje magistrala. Iako je mala, opremljena je suncobranima i lezaljkama. Jedina mana je ta sto nakon 16 h nema sunca, pa samim tim i skoro nema kupaca (koliko je mana, pa nisam sad ni sigurna). :) U okviru komleksa nalazi se i bazen, koji mi bas i nismo koristili, vise je bilo interesantno klincima. Sto se tice obroka, imali smo uplacen dorucak. Komentare koje sam citala za ovaj hotel pre odlaska na Tasos nisu bili bas ohrabrujuci sto se tice hrane. Medjutim... stvarno je bilo svega u izobilju, slano, slatko, salate, pite, kolaci... svedski sto. S' obzirom da osim jos par vila, hotela, nema nista u blizini, neophodan vam je automobil (za parking nismo morali da brinemo, uvek je bilo mesta). U svakom slucaju, najtoplije preporucujem ovaj hotel, mislim da se necete pokajati. Mi bar nismo. :)

Mirno mesto, smestaj renoviran i prostran, plaza na minut od smestaja
Peskiri se menjaju tek 5-og dana boravka.





Sa suprugom i cerkom.Smestaj je ispunio u svakom smislu nasa ocekivanja i ako se sledece godine odlucimo za Tasos sigurno cemo kontaktirati vas i ovaj hotel.




Odlican, lep,ususkan u borovima


sa deckom, period 11.07.-21.07.Hotel je jako lep, sobe uredne, ciste, prostrane.Ponovo bih dosla u isti hotel.

izdvojenost od centra, pristojna cena smestaja, uredne, ciste i lepe sobe.
jednolicnost dorucka. bilo je jako malo razlicitih jela u ponudi.



Odlican smestaj


U hotelu boravili u prvoj polovini jula. Supruga i ja i dvoje dece predskolskog uzrasta. Smestaj odlican, sobe renovirane sa novim nametajem. Bazen se odrzava i cisti. Besplatan wi-fi. Lepa hotelska plaza. Na 3km od Limenasa, sto je blizu. Osoblje fino. Room-service svakodnevni. Dorucak, svedski stio, sa skromnim izborom jela.

Nov namestaj u sobi, bazen, plaza, wifi

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    Zora Lukin19.04.2017 23:36:11

    Postovani da li postoji apatrman za 4 odrasle osobe, dva para, sa odvojenom sapvacom sobom i da ima terasu sa pogledom na more ? Period koji nam odgovara je 23.07.-02.08.2017.g. Ukoliko ima takav smestaj, molim Vas da mi izracunate koliko bi nas kostao polupansion. I da li postoji popust za rane rezervacije i celokupnu uplatu? Hvala. Pozdrav.


    Srdjan26.07.2016 14:58:34

    Dobar Dan Dali je moguc smestaj za jednu osobu . Hvala


    Tanja25.07.2016 21:16:06

    Da li imate slobodnih mesta u terminu od 11,08-18,08 za 2 odraslih+2 dece?


    Milivoje Stamenkovic29.05.2016 17:27:30

    Da li je slobodan i moguc smestaj za 3 odrasle osobe i dete od 15 godina u apartmanu ili sjutu u terminu od


    dalibor14.05.2016 01:44:23

    Da li hotel ima apartmane sa dve odvojene sobe, 4 kreveta i opremljenom kuhinjom? Ako ima da li je slobodan 19.8 do 28.8. ?


    Milica Mrdak10.04.2016 23:55:45

    Da , hocemo, proverite nam hotel za dve porodice, 2507/05.08. , 4 bed familly room puta dva.


    Milica Mrdak10.04.2016 21:12:18

    Ima li mesta u Esperides Hotelu, 4 bed family room, od 25.07/05.08. Bili smo prosle godine i jako je lepo .Ove godine je skuplje al ne mnogo.


    ljilja22.02.2016 18:38:42

    Interesuje me ovaj hotel sa doruckom 2 porodice sa 2 dece i 1 porodica sa3 dece. Zelimo 3 apartmana od 5.07 do 15.07.2015


    bgivana12.08.2015 20:30:11

    I just wanted to book a room and after I selected desired room and dates, the price I was given was different from the price in your price-list. I was given 62 euros per night, except 54-58 euros (my chosen dates are 28.08. - 6.09. so the price should be partially 54 and partially 58, but certainly not 62). Why this happened and what should I do? Thank you, Ivana


    IvaDuke04.08.2015 18:35:19

    Poštovani interesuje me da li ima slobodnih soba za dve odrasle osobe u periodu od 16.08 do 26.08. Hvala unapred

    • Nataša ( 19:02:04

      Postovani, ima mesta, s'tim sto biste jednom u toku boravka morali da promenite sobu. Ako to odgovara, sto pre popunite upit za rezervaciju na nasem sajtu. Pozdrav