Papalimani Beach is located 3km from Limenas on the road to Skala Prinos. It is a small, very beautiful beach with natural shade. Sand is on the shore and in the water. The depth is gradual and water is shallow, it is quite long so it is ideal for families with small children who enjoy splashing. The water is crystal clear, transparent green color because it reflects the pine trees from the back of the beach.

A bar Papalimani is closed (2022) so there are no sunbeds and umbrellas anymore on the beach and on the spot where it is a turn for the beach there is a sign FOR SALE instead of Papalimani.

We don’t know when the beach will be redecorated, but until then it is wild and available to those who love such beaches.

Behind the beach, in the shade, there is space for parking cars.

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