Kalimitsi is a small and peaceful place in the very south of Sithonia with the beach bearing the same name. This destination is a perfect choice for all those who wish to have a relaxing vacation, away from hustle and bustle, which is a normal situation in bigger and more popular places. Nevertheless, you will not miss anything here. There are two mini-markets to get your supplies, as well as taverns which offer a broad range of Greek cuisine. In Kalamitsi you have the chance to try a great gyro.

Almost all kinds of accommodation that you can find here are very close to the beach and that is another advantage of Kalimitsi - the beach is right in front of you, once you pass the doorstep. The beach itself has a lot of sand and it will certainly appeal to everyone’s taste. It is organised, it has enough facilities, like water sports, volleyball, beach bars, etc., while at the same time there is enough space for you to put your parasols and beach towels. The level of the water goes from shallow to very shallow which makes holidays for families with small children very enjoyable. The beach in Kalamitsi is considered to be one of the most beautiful not only on Sithonia, but also on the whole Halkidiki. That is the reason why all the guests staying in nearby places come here for the sake of spending time in the water.

Kalamitsi is about 15km away from Sarti and Toroni, so the facilities of these bigger towns are very easily reachable. You could visit Sarti if you would like to go out in the evening, becase there is no clasic promenade in Kalamitsi.

Except the central beach which is ideal for families with children, Kalamitsi has two more beaches and one of them is within the camp Thallata, and the other one is a nudist. The beach within the camp is as beautiful as central beach. The entrance in the camp is 2e per person. Within the camp you could use the pool. The camp has a restaurant, cafe, sunbeds and parasols. The breeze blows more often on this beach than on the central.

Only 5-6km from Kalamitsi are located several beaches that are among the most beautiful ones on Sithonia, they are: Kriaritsi, Klimataria, Tigania, Tourkolimnionas, but also Sykia beach, Agridia...

Kalamitsi is perfect for all who want a peaceful vacation nerby one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole northern Greece. This beach is ideal for families with children but also for all who like nice, spacious beaches without rocks and stones.