Piso Krioneri Beach is located near the center of Parga. Literally, it means the beach behind the main city beach of Krioneri (gr. Piso - behind; gr. Cryo = cold, ner(o)i = water or sea).

They are only 100m from each other and separated by a large rock. To the right of the beach there is a rock called Skordas (gr. skordas - garlic), and behind it, there is a rock called Kremidas (gr. kremidas - onion), which are named after their characteristic vegetable-like features. On the beach there is tavern and bar Golfo Beach with deck chairs and parasols (which you can rent for extra cost plus drinks you order).

Piso Krioneri is much smaller than the central city beach, so it is less known and much quieter in the peak season.
The beach is pebbly and rocky, which is a bit inconvenient, but the sea is crystal clear. It is perfect for snorkeling lovers, because of the rocks and great sea life, but it is not suitable for families with young children because of the lack of shallows and a little more difficult access to the sea.

On the hill of Agios Athanasios, above the beach, is the Atrium Bar, a place with fantastic views on Piso Krioneri. Drinks and food prices are not high and the atmosphere in the shade of the trees is very pleasant.

While staying in Parga, we highly recommend you to visit this beach at least once. Of course, you should also visit other, more famous beaches such as Lichnos, Valtos, Sarakiniko and Krioneri.

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