Fava is a lesser known beach in Vourvourou, but its beauty is not behind the popular beaches. It consists of three somewhat larger bays and several smaller ones.
You can reach it by going straight where the turn for Karidi beach is, and drive until you run into the large group of private houses in a pine forest with a large family villas. When you get to an intersection, extend the right, and after 50 to 100m path forks, go right to the coast. The place is called Fava and the beach is usually visited only by locals and tourists, so usually it is not crowded.

Since there are no labels for the beach, you can enter into your GPS device following coordinates Lat.40.1846896 and Long.23.8181817.

The beach can be accessed by a car at about 50m. Footpath you will lead you to the first bay which is quite wide, and with a leisurely stroll along the water you can reach the other two. Left and right of the central bay there are several smaller ones, where you can isolate if you come early.

Fava is very close to the beach Karidi, but unlike her, it has no long shallow, but gradual depth and is best suited for swimmers. Also, unlike Karidi which is always calm, on Fave you will often encounter waves.
The coast is sandy, while the sea bottom with tiny pebbles. After that, the fine sand.

Fava is a well-kept secret of the locals in Vourvourou, where they take refuge from the crowds and enjoy the beauty of its sea and nature. In the back of the beach are beautiful and luxurious villas of wealthy Greeks, mainly from Thessaloniki.

The beach is not organized - there are no chairs, no umbrellas or bars, so you need to take with you the equipment, along with food and water.
If you love swimming, enjoying the beautiful beach without the crowds, music and too many sunbeds, visit Fava and have a great relaxing day.

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