On the way to Pefkohori, after Paliouri, you’ll come across a large bay, called Golden beach.

It’s a beach similar to Xenia (Paliouri), except that instead of fine sand it has fine or slightly larger pebbles. This beach has less crowd and it is more peaceful, situated in the lee, so there’s no waves or wind.

Water is very clean and calm, and in the hinterland of the beach there’s a forest. There is a bit of natural shade on the beach, but to grab a spot in the shade, you need to get early on this beach. The depth is gradual, so this beach is also good for families with children. The best part of the beach, or the part with the best entrance to water (without stones) is the right part of the beach, when you looking toward the sea.

On the beach there are organised parts, but also a lot of more space to put your own equipment.