It is a bay infront of the hotel Poseidon, and only 50 meters from the beachStilidario and the famous beach bar Las Bandidas. The bay is long, sandy and wide. Left part of the beach (when facing the sea) has chairs and umbrellas belonging to hotel Poseidon and you can use them even if you are not one of the guests, provided that you ask, and if there are available ones.

This part of the beach is the only one with a sandy bottom. Although along the beach on the shore there is very fine sand, in the water are mostly stones, except in front of the mentioned lounger. Unorganized part of the beach which is a lot higher than the organized one has a lot of natural shade and space to set up your umbrellas and towels. If you want peace on the beach and plenty of space for yourself to enjoy the silence in the shade reading or sleeping, this beach is all that you can imagine, even in high season .Near the beach there is a restaurant Panos (two minutes drive) and just a few meters from the beach also the Las Bandidas bar where you can order drinks or sandwiches. In this part of Sithonia there are numerous wild coves, perfect for lovers of isolated beach so it is perhaps best to go for a ride and find the best place for yourself. This part of the coast is excellent for diving and snorkeling because the water in this part has a rich variety of marine world.