Kassandra is known as a more urban environment in relation to the other two fingers of Halkidiki, therefore supplying on it is a lot easier, and the choice and offer of goods is various.

There are two major supermarkets from german chain Lidl on Kassandra. One is located in front of the entrance at Halkidiki on Kassandra, in Nea Moudania, near the highway, and the other is near the village Afytos on the east coast of Kassandra, also along the highway. Both are convenient for all visitors of Kassandra, and for those who are accomodated on the east and others who are on the west coast, because everyone will pass them on the way to their destinations.

Masoutis is greek supermarket chain that is often better equipped than Lidl, but with slightly higher prices compared to the prices in Lidl. However, many tourists prefer to shop in Masoutis due to a really large selection of food and other goods, mainly greek production. In Masutis markets you have ready and always fresh meals for affordable price. Within Masoutis and Lidl there are bakeries that always offer fresh bread and hot rolls. Markets of Masutis on Kassandra are located in Nea Moudania, Kallithea, Hanioti, Pefkohori, Skala Fourka, and at the entrance to the city of Siviri.

Markets in Greece are places where you can buy affordable groceries, primarily ones of domestic production. At the markets you can always find local olives, olive oil, honey, fresh fish, and often cheese, fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables. Popular cities in Kassandra (Kassandra, Hanioti, Polihrono) haven’t open-air markets, or in the evening hours, fruits and vegetables could be bought from street vendors along the promenade and vans during the day (usually in the morning) go through all the streets in small and large towns and villages and on the megaphone they advertise their offer. The vans are often mobile bakeries with pastries, fish markets, butcher or grocery stores with fruits and vegetables and go through the smallest towns on Kassandra.

Organised markets on Kassandra are in places: Kassandria on Tuesdays, Nea Moudania on Wednesdays and Nea Kallikratia on Tuesdays and you can visit the one which is closest to you.