Goa beach is located 3km south of Sarti.

It is a small beach, that can be reached by a dirt road from the highway, at distance of about 200m. On the beach there is a well-known bar that has the same name, which is a favorite night out place among young people from Sarti and Sikia. The bar is decorated in african style.

The beach itself looks very interesting because it is hollowed into high and impressive rocks.

Together with a bar that is also partly set into the rocks, it represents a very authentic atmosphere.

On the beach during the day you can enjoy a light and relaxing music.

The beach is not so popular, because in the bottom of the sea there are rocks and gravel, although the sand is on the coast. It is great for swimmers who want to enjoy in peace with the music, nearby Sarti, on the beach without the crowd.

For those who do not have their own transport, in the center of Sarti, near a large supermarket there is a kiosk with fast food and always parked van that says GOA. It is a free van that transports those who want to visit Goa and at the agreed time comes to the beach to pick them up and return to Sarti. Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach could be rented with one ordered drink, and left part of the beach is free for the visitors with their own equipment.

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